April 01, 2010


We took Kay to her first Easter egg hunt this past weekend. It was a free event at This is the Place Heritage park. Even though it was bitter cold, we thought we would get out and take advantage of our downtown home while we are here.

The hunt was crazy. There were probably at least a couple thousand people there, and I heard someone say that there were only 10,000 eggs. With all the whole park, you would think that they would have plenty of room to hide them, but the put all the eggs in about a half acre space. Needless to say we didn't put Kaylie down untill the hunt was over for fear she would be trampled by the anxious children and aggressive parents.

Jeff and I were laughing over the ridiculousness of it all, yet Kaylie seemed to be having a great time...which made us have a great time too. She got three and a half eggs for her effort. And when I say she I mean, Jeff got two and I got one and we handed them to her to put in her basket. They have provided hours of entertainment for us back at home as Kaylie hides them for me and tells me to go find them several times a day.

Also this week we colored some eggs just for fun. Eggs + crafts = kaylie fun. She loves all things crafty ; painting, coloring, playdough, and even more so... she loves eggs.
Every morning for breakfast she asks for eggs. If I leave the fridge open for a second to long she sneaks in there and takes the carton of eggs out. She knows how to crack and open her own eggs. And now, now that they are exciting colors, she has an even stronger affinity towards them. Next week at her two year old appointment, I plan on asking the doctor if eating this many eggs ( two a day every day) is too many for a toodler.
Most families color their eggs as a traditon, and then maybe eat and egg salad sandwich or two, and the rest go bad. Not at our house. We may have to boil and color some more before this weekend because we are down to two eggs ....two yellow eggs.
Maybe from the pictures above you can tell, but she has an affinity to pink as well these days.


The Tomlinsons said...

That egg hunt sounds insane! She is so adorable, and how funny that she loves to eat eggs so much!

Emily said...

What a cute girly girl! So you're downtown now. We are moving to Millcreek this week . . . we are crazies like you guys and "like" to move every few months too.

Heather and Dave said...

What fun easter activities! I bet it was hilarious watching all the kids and eager parents at the egg hunt. We went to one at the Bee's baseball park last year and after it was all over a huge group of people scrambled to their cars and i heard one parent who was dragging their kid behind them "hurry up - we still have 2 more egg hunts to go to! Don't want to miss 'em!" how are you feeling these days? We'd love to have you girlies over!