December 03, 2007

And the Stork is bringing a ....

Well, we had our ultrasound this morning! Amy's pulse was around 120 while we were waiting because she was so nervous. We had the doctor show us all the different parts of the baby and we are happy and blessed to say that the baby is in perfect health thus far. We saw pictures of the baby's little feet and hands and the baby even turned and gave us a smile! We also received the great news that we are having a baby GIRL!!!
We are both very excited and feel very blessed to have such a healthy baby girl growing inside Amy! I told Amy that there are a lot of female golfers out there and maybe her chances of a golf scholarship are higher than if she were a boy. We had a fun day sharing the news with family and we appreciate all the love and support our family has shown us. We did start our shopping today with just a few necessary outfits (refer to the Nike outfit in the picture). All I know is that the baby's closet turned pink really fast!!!

As far as names are concerned. We know one thing for sure, "Tiger"inna is out! I am sure we will spend the next 4 months debating and discussing possible names for our little princess.

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