October 29, 2008

Happy MC-Halloween!

So it is Halloween in two days, I am am just now getting my decorations out. Mostly because I was using a lot of my stuff to decorate the trunk or treat I already posted about and I didn't want to set it up twice. Also because Halloween just snuck up on me...it is like 95 degrees outside still, so my mind says it is August. I find it premature when I am at the Walmart and there are orange and black and candy everywhere, and then I remember it is October . I guess I have to look to the seasonal aisle rather than the seasons to tell me what time of year it is.
Some of my most favortie halloween things are things I inherited from my mom that we had around the house when I was a kid. The first is chicken mc-nugget trick or treaters. Yes, chicken mc-nuggets....I am pretty certain they were happy meal prizes. The pieces of their costumes come off and can be interchanged. The second are these plastic buckets that I like to use a luminares and line walkway on halloween night. I have 15...that is 5 of each face...one of each for every child in my family. And, if I remember right, a happy meal came inside.
I have these cravings for a simple mcdonald's cheeseburger sometimes...ketchup, mustard, pickles, processed cheese and the thinnest beef pattie . I feel like when I was pregnant, I ate pretty much only .89 c cheeseburgers from mcdonald's the entire month of Nov. Don't judge me, please. If they still came with such awesome prizes I don't think I would have any reason not to eat cheap cheesburgers all October.

October 26, 2008


I hope you can tell who we are ...maybe a famous prehistoric family - the Flinstones? I am actually really proud of these costumes. One reason being that I only spent mabye $10 total on all three, and mostly becuase they did not require me to sew anything. I have this fear of sewing machines...a fear and a complete inability that causes me to avoid them at all cost. Who know you could make three halloween costumes by cutting, gluing and tieing. Wilma's dress is made of three old pillow cases that I cut apart ,Pebbles skirt is tied together, and Fred's shirt is made of peel and stick felt...sooooo easy! We are at our ward's trunk or treat that was on Saturday. I was called to be the activity leader in our ward like the day we moved in soI am so relieved that it is over with, and hooray that it went so well!

October 22, 2008

Our visit to Utah

Just Kaylie and I flew out to Utah to visit for a few days. Mostly I was missing my family and craving the fall season in Utah. We had a lot of fun, especcially Kaylie. There were so many people for her to play with and my parent's spoiled her course. And you really can't beat Heber in the fall can you? I went a little picture crazy...sorry if there are to many. The picture to the left is Kaylie on our flight. She is becoming pro at this airplane thing. We had a whole row to ourselves on our flight there which made it so easy. The flight home wasn't as wonderful....I finally gave Kaylie and tootsie pop to calm her down. She loved it!

Kaylie and her grandma playing the chase game and Kaylie and Brielle playing...Brielle was curious about Kaylie's hat, and Kaylie was really curious about what is on Brielle's head, (that is hair baby girl, one day you'll have some too.)

A four generation picture and a picture of Kaylie and her grandpa and great grandpa. She was so fascinated by great grandpa daryl's deep loud voice.

Kaylie's cousins take her on a walk to the river. She was loving facing forward in her stroller and I was loving that she got to wear some of her cold weather clothes before she grew out of them.

We tried to take pictures of the Kate and Kaylie together on two occasions. It is amazing how two girls that are a half exact gene match can look so different. And I know... enough of the cute pink hat.

October 12, 2008

My baby is 6 months old!

I can't believe Kaylie is 6 months old already! She is the light of our lives, and it has been so much fun to watch her as she learns new things and is becoming her own little person. In honor of her half birthday, this post is all about her....aren't most of my post just that anyways.

Top 10 nicknames:

1. "_____ bear". Fill in the blank + bear...angel, littlest, baby, whatever you like.
2. " bear bear". I know this is sort of the same thing as above, but we use this more than even her real name.
3. "sister". No this isn't an announcement! We called crystal, sister when we were growing up, and now I find myself calling Kaylie that. Can also be combined into "sister bear" and yes, we read the Bersteain Bears.
4. "girlfriend" Said like a "sister" would say, and I mean a sister from "the hood" not the kind above...oh I am so suburban it is disgusting.
5. "kaylie schmaylie". I know, creative with the rhyming aren't we.
6. "monster". said with affection.... almost always
7. "pretty girl". Well, isn't she
8. " polywog". given to her by her gramps, because of her love for water. Who knows a polywog better than a "carp".
9. "little piggy." one day a boy she is dating will read this and it will embarrass her. I only bring this one out when she is eating.
10. "kay kay". I am trying harder to not say baby words like "baba" and "doggie", but sometimes this slips out like a baby version of "kaylie".

Top 10 things Kaylie likes:

1. Toby; the dog
2. Sleeping in our bed; we aren't winning this battle, more in another post.
3. Watching t.v.; she is mesmerized by the picture but we don't let her watch it really.
4. Water; pool or bathtub, she take it either way.
5. Peek -a-boo; she like to be the one who is hidden.
6. Ice water in a glass; not to drink, just to hold or put her face against...it really is hot here.
7. Her feet; she like to play with them and eat them.
8. Being tickled
9. Having her ears cleaned; so much so that sometimes I stick my finger in there to calm her down.
10. Rolling over; she just learned this and every time she does it she smiles big and waits for applause.

Top things Kaylie doesn't like:

1. Getting clothes on; I have let her wear her pjs all day on multiple occasions so I wouldn't have to ruin her mood.
2. Sleeping in her own crib; really what are we going to do.
3. Peas; will gag until we stop them coming.
4. 9:00 church; she was so easy at the 1:00 time, now at least one of us is in the lobby with her at all times...we have yet to make it past the sacrament being passed.
5. Sitting in her carseat; except when she is really calm.
6. Bottles or pacifiers; she has done a complete '180 on these compared to when she was first born.

What a Day!

Yesterday was such a great day! First off it almost feels like fall this weekend. I know most of you Utahns are watching the snow fall, so when I say it cooled off I mean it wasnt warm enough to go to the pool. We also didn't have anything planned, so it was a day of looking for fun. Up first, the park. We found it by accident. Kaylie was screaming to get out of her carseat so we just pulled over into the first parking lot. She must have known what she was doing, becuase she loved it! The swings, this frog, the slide.
Then we last minute decided to find some sort of pumpkin patch. I found one on the internet that said something like" pumpkin patch, hay rides, petting zoo, children crafts, food, music..." Sounded pretty good. Well there were eight pumpkins sitting on a hay bale at a full fledged dairy farm. They did have a couple things, and Kaylie didn'y know any better to be dissapointed. It turned into be so much fun just watching her enjoying everthing so much.

This girl takes her pony rides seriously folks

She grabbed everything and wouldn't let go...this pumpkin, the tractor wheel, the horn on the saddle.

I loved this pict...they both had such great expressions