October 22, 2008

Our visit to Utah

Just Kaylie and I flew out to Utah to visit for a few days. Mostly I was missing my family and craving the fall season in Utah. We had a lot of fun, especcially Kaylie. There were so many people for her to play with and my parent's spoiled her course. And you really can't beat Heber in the fall can you? I went a little picture crazy...sorry if there are to many. The picture to the left is Kaylie on our flight. She is becoming pro at this airplane thing. We had a whole row to ourselves on our flight there which made it so easy. The flight home wasn't as wonderful....I finally gave Kaylie and tootsie pop to calm her down. She loved it!

Kaylie and her grandma playing the chase game and Kaylie and Brielle playing...Brielle was curious about Kaylie's hat, and Kaylie was really curious about what is on Brielle's head, (that is hair baby girl, one day you'll have some too.)

A four generation picture and a picture of Kaylie and her grandpa and great grandpa. She was so fascinated by great grandpa daryl's deep loud voice.

Kaylie's cousins take her on a walk to the river. She was loving facing forward in her stroller and I was loving that she got to wear some of her cold weather clothes before she grew out of them.

We tried to take pictures of the Kate and Kaylie together on two occasions. It is amazing how two girls that are a half exact gene match can look so different. And I know... enough of the cute pink hat.


Millers said...

Those pics are adorabable! I am glad you were able to have a good time on your stay. We love you guys!

Kyle and Amy said...

Those are some really cute pictures! Little Kayle is so cute. We had fun playing with her!