December 31, 2009

Happy New, New, New - New Year

So what is it that is making the Carpenter family's new year so new...and happy?

The first new is a new job for Jeff. There were many things he loved about his old job at Troon ( like the golfing perks), but his new gig is better in a lot of ways too. The new company is a software company and his first day was new year's eve. The opportunity came really just hours before we were supposed to close on our new house here in phoenix. I have really just decided to not plan. You never know what is going to happen around here.

The second new thing is a new home/state for all of us. Back to Salt Lake City we are is where the new job is. It seems a little ridiculous to head back to four more months of winter when it is a beautiful 70' outside, but somehow that freeze just feels like home. We are sad for many reasons to be leaving ( I am sure there will be a longer post later about all of that), but also excited to see what downtown has to offer us, and for all the chances Kaylie will have to see her grandparents and cousins.

She looks happy about moving in this picture, but really she screams uh-oh, or no-no when anything gets put into a box, or taken of the walls.

The third new...and most exciting thing is the new baby. We have know for some time that we were soon going to be a family of four, but earlier this week we found out that it will be another sweet baby girl and really we couldn't be more thrilled. Although this pregnancy has been heads and tails different than the last ( a lot more time feeling green), I felt from the beginning that it was another girl. Or at least I have really wanted it to be another girl. My sisters are some of my favorite people and best friends, and I really wanted a relationship like that for Kaylie. That and baby girls are just sooooo sweet and everything of theirs is so much more cute.
To bad, we can never decide on a girl name. With each pregnancy from the beginning we have said if it is a boy we should name him....and we both agree. But when we try to think of names for little girls we couldn't disagree more.....any suggestions?

Kaylie's Christmas Top Ten

There were so many wonderful things about our Christmas this year I didn't know where to start so here is Christmas from Kaylie's perspective in top ten form.

#1 Cousins ... she doesn't usually have so many palymates at once, and was thrilled, especcially with all the big kids.

#2 Spending time with her great Grammy ... She came all the way from California for Christmas and all of us were really thrilled to spend some time with her. She is one of my favorite people in the enitre world and it was the best part of christmas for sure.

#3 Meeting uncle Craig .... he returned from his mission in Taiwan, and since Kaylie is not yet two, they haven't ever meet. Fun for the rest of us too, especcially since he seems well adjusted to real life already.

#4 The food .... She has been a picky eater lately ( not like herself), but with so many good things to eat, she was able to find something.

#5 Sledding/Snow ... before we could even tell her what it was ( this is the first time she can remember being in snow) , she announced "ice" and was off stomping through it in her boots.

#6 The Choo-choo .... Grandma Anderson had a choo choo in her basement, and whenever kay could break free she was headed down the stairs to check it out.

#7 All the animals ....I didn't get a picture of it, but her favorite thing was Grandma Georgia's kitty that she chased all around the house yelling "meow" at and making her cat hands, and lied on top of whenever she got the chance. Two new to her dogs and Toby made things good too.

#8 Some of her favorite presents... a sled form her aunt Carol ( which she sat in like a bed, and even got pulled around in the house with). A tinkerbell doll from her Grandparents Carpenter...she is also watching her Tink movie in this picture, another hit. And her little table from Grandparentes Anderson ( Kay has loved little tables ever since she started "school" and sometimes even sets the coffe table at dinner time so she can eat at a little table.

#9 "Chrithsmas" ... this is what Kaylie calls all the lights and decorations. She points them out wherever we go.

#10 Not Santa.... I am so glad I didn't waste me time taking her to see a Santa. He came to the Carp family party and when she walked into the room she said " Ho-ho-ho" and then procedded to scream at him.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas as well! What were your top ten.

December 02, 2009

Cheese for Thanksgiving

We had Thanksgiving at home this year. Jeff's parents and brother came down from UT to spend the holiday that included black friday shopping, a trip to zoo lights and of course a feast that the Luke family joined us for. We made enough food for like thirty people and have been eating thanksgiving day sandwiches....mmmm, my favorite, from the leftovers ever since. My favorite thing - Kaylie has decided this weekend that she will cooperate with pictures and even says " cheese"....hooray, I hope it last.