September 29, 2008

What are you watching?

Have you been watching good t.v? Last week ABC called it National Stay at Home week because of all the season primeres. Thankfully becuase of TiVo, we don't have to stay at home to catch all our favorites, but Monday nights that is where you will find this family. We call it "good t.v. night". We are following Chuck, How I met your Mother, CSI: Miami, the Office and Grey's anatomy. Chuck starts tonight, and it might be our favorite...hilarious. What are you watching?

Our International Traveler!!!

So Kaylie is only 5 months olds, and already traveling internationally. Okay, not really, but we did have a fun road trip this past Saturday. This past weekend, our friends Amy, Preston, and cute Autumn came down from Salt Lake to visit. On Saturday we took a road trip to Nogales Mexico and crossed the border!!! We stayed just long enough to bargain with some of the locals (see the pinata purchased by Preston below), take a few pictures, and that was it.
Kaylie and Autumn are only 3 weeks apart and Kaylie loved having a playmate around the house for the weekend. Whenever she got close enough she tried poking or grabbing her cute friend. Thanks for paying us a visit Jensens...we had fun!

September 20, 2008

Mesa Temple

We found the mesa temple today. It is actually only like 15 minutes away. It just kind of appears. We are driving through downtown and then there it is. It is pretty in its own sort of way....not palacial like most temples I have seen. It is more like a washington monument meets mexican ruin. Looking at the picture above it kind of reminds me of what a temple might have looked like in ancient times. It was fun to walk around the grounds, obviously with Kaylie we couldn't go inside. It is wonderful though how even just being on the outside of the temple you can feel the spirit.

September 09, 2008

Top Spot

So we live in Arizona now. Sometimes I forget this, I guess I am still getting used to the change. When I do remember it, I think that it is okay that we do. For those of you that I talk to regularly you may remeber a time when I wasn't okay with the fact that we were going here I mean. There are things that I like about here and there are things that I miss about Utah, but here is home so that is that.
I have been in the process of unpacking our things and everything that goes into movin in. I was unpacking a box that was our office stuff; jeff had packed up the boxes of office stuff and I came across a paper that was from several years ago, on the bottom it said 2005. It was a quiz we took on the internet, from a website I can kind of remeber doing this and we must of been in our St.George apartment. Anyways the website ask you all sorts of questions about what you like and need in a plave to live and then gives you your top 25 places. Many of you have probally done this and if you haven't it is kinda fun so you should.
Funny stuff... reading our list, mind you it is 3 years old, it says that fountain hills, AZ is our number one place. Fountain hills is about 12 miles north of where we are now. That being the case, we decided we had to visit it this weekend. It is famous for having the largest fountain in the world. It is a very small town (think Heber 15 years ago) and kind of isolated from the rest of the towns by the mountains. It is quaint and pricey and I don't know how it made it to our number one top spot, but it was fun to check it out.
Lucky for us we already live in our number 2 spot...scottsdale, AZ. If only I had known it was our number two spot before we moved...maybe I would dragged my feet a little less.

September 05, 2008

Happy 29!

Happy birthday Jeff! We hope you are having a great day and want you to know what a great husband and dad you are. We love you soooo much. Thank you for all you do to take care of us. Sorry you have to go to work on your birthday...come home soon so we can celebrate!
Amy and Kaylie

September 02, 2008

Kaylie tried a few new things this weekend...the first was swimming. She loved the pool and we only got out after almost an hour because it was getting late ( It is still 100' at night so we went just before sunset). She learned to splash and we just pulled her around in the water. She was really happy and calm the whole time. It looks like we are going to have a fish for a daughter.

The second new thing was real food...and when I say real I mean rice cereal. Really how appietizing could this be? The first experience you can see on her face in the first pict. She was concerned to say the least about what was happening. The second time around we got a much better response, though I can't say much more of it actually eaten. We thought for sure Kaylie would be much more of an eating champ... She has been to this point as far as milk or formula was concerned. She was sitting with us at the dinner table a week ago and when we stopped looking at her for a second, she had a fistful of soft taco and the wrapper and was with true excitement trying to figure out what how she could get it into her mouth. Although that is what she trys to do with everything she gets her hands on ... we thought this for sure was a true sign that she was ready and willing to eat people food. Maybe that is just watered down rice cereal really food. Perhaps we have a gourmet on our hands. Or maybe she just want a little more of what she got a taste of last week...quiero taco bell little kaylie?

September 01, 2008

Goodbye Utah

So, I realize we have been in Arizona for over a week now but I wanted to get up to date on the whole blog thing. The past few weeks have been an absolute blur to say the least. We were able to wrap things up in Lehi and make the trip down to Scottsdale just over a week ago. The trip down seemed to take FOREVER!!! First off, we left Lehi around 11PM and we made it to Kanab before we called it a night. We checked in to a Holiday Inn Express around 3AM and slept for a few hours. The next morning was slow going as we had to make several stops along the way to take care of Kaylie. The trip was hard since both Amy and I were in separate cars. We finally arrived in Scottsdale around 5pm! We arrived on a Friday and our truck wasn't due to get here until the following Monday. Thanks to my parents, we at least had a nice Aerobed to sleep on. It was our only furniture for those few days. We found an add the first day down here about a moving company that hired out teams to unload trucks. We thought that would be nice since my work would cover the expense... well, WHAT A NIGHTMARE. Amy kept texting me at work that everything coming out of the truck was being drug across the driveway and run into walls. I came home as soon as I could and tried to make sure things went better from there on out. The funniest part was when I saw one of the workers with our towel using it as a rag. Needless to say, it was not a good experience. Throughout it all, we are now mostly unpacked and settling into our new place. Here are some pictures from our move and last few days in Lehi.

All of our stuff ready to be loaded!!!

Nice place for lunch! A dining room table in the driveway!

Toby had a hard time walking up and down with all the holes in the ramp so he finally learned it was easier to just jump from the truck. In the end, he made the trip.

THE ENGINEER - Thank's to Amy's dad for spending all day in the sauna like conditions (the truck) to make sure things were packed nice and tight!

Usually rocking chairs have cushions! Wait, they're all packed! Thank's to Amy's mom for helping out and also watching Kaylie so Amy could get things done as well!

Sure Jeff, I'll finish all your projects you started and never finished!!! Thanks dad for helping out when I really needed it. Thanks also to my mom (sorry, I didn't have any pictures) for helping scrub walls and getting stuff packed for us!!!

Our last walk along the canal!


Where did all the ducks go? This was a second home for Toby. He loved to chase ducks (he never caught one) and just swim down the middle since it was easier than walking.

Both Amy and I really enjoyed all the time we spent in Lehi and all the friends we made both in our neighborhood and our work. We will both miss those we are leaving behind and all the memories that were made! Thanks to all those we became friends and we hope to stay in touch!!!