September 29, 2008

Our International Traveler!!!

So Kaylie is only 5 months olds, and already traveling internationally. Okay, not really, but we did have a fun road trip this past Saturday. This past weekend, our friends Amy, Preston, and cute Autumn came down from Salt Lake to visit. On Saturday we took a road trip to Nogales Mexico and crossed the border!!! We stayed just long enough to bargain with some of the locals (see the pinata purchased by Preston below), take a few pictures, and that was it.
Kaylie and Autumn are only 3 weeks apart and Kaylie loved having a playmate around the house for the weekend. Whenever she got close enough she tried poking or grabbing her cute friend. Thanks for paying us a visit Jensens...we had fun!


Jen said...

I can't believe how big she is getting! Keep the pix coming! I hope you are doing well and staying busy! Enjoy her while she is little!
You look fabulous! We miss you guys!

Staci said...

Looks like you are really missed at Tanner, Jeff. They sent Preston all the way down to Arizona to get you back! It looks like you guys are taking advantage of all the new places to visit. I hope things are going well for you with the new job and city. Kaylie is so dang cute! Talk to you later.

Preston said...

jeff, figure out a way to send me those pics that you took so we can have them too! they look good, must be that sweet camera you bought for amy! hey staci, why hasn't anyone come to try and get you back? haha