June 24, 2010


We are feeling lucky at our house. Audrey is still taking it easy on us....mostly by sleeping a lot. Also, by cooperating with her momma when I tried to take some pictures of her as a newborn. Not to make comparisons, but a certain other child I have tried to photograph for the past two plus years has not been so photogenic in the sum of her entire life as our little Audrey has been in her almost two weeks.

Sisters are pretty great though.

Here we are reading stories, and "helping" give the baby a bath. Is it awful that I took a picture of Kay dumping water on her sister before I stopped her?

Kaylie insists that this is how they must sit together when she watches her movies...holding the baby's hand. Sweet.

June 14, 2010

She's Here.....Hooray!

At 4:39 pm on June 11, 2010 Audrey Rose Carpenter made it to be with us at last. Should I start from the beginning?

A mostly uneventful day as far as birthdays go. Jeff thinks this picture he took of us if fuuny - thanks for your support babe. After being checked about 4 'o clock we had resigned ourselves to a slow progressing labor, and even called family to say that it was going to be a while. At 4:30 our nurse came in and looked under the sheets and then started running around like crazy and laughingly said that the dr. would probally make it. He walked in and in seconds we could hear our little girls first cries.

She weighed in at 7 lbs even ( the exact same as sister) and 19" long. We think she is the most amazing adorable thing ever.

Mom loves her. Dad loves her.

And big sister Kaylie loves her the absolute most. She is always giggling about the tiny baby and just giddy about her baby sister. This morning she woke up and ran into our bedroom and said "good morning baby sister, wake up"...forget about mom. Whenever we do something she want to make sure that baby sister is coming to. She loves to give her tiny kisses and tell her " I lub you baby sister"

Audrey is so much fun and so easy. She loves to sleep, and hardly makes a fuss about anything. We love how tiny and precious and beautiful she is. I especcailly love what a cuddly little bundle she is and am loving today now that she has started to open her eyes and look at us. She loves eating her hands, sleeping in her boppy pillow and cuddling with her mommy. We couldn't be more blessed.

June 04, 2010

Today, in effort to have a special day with Kay before little sister gets here, I took her to thanksgiving point. While we were there I had a conversation with her in which I told her we were at Noah's ark. And, that if she wanted to come back another day she could just tell me "Noah's ark". I had her repeat this to me a few times so she would learn the name of this place.

A few minutes later she ran over to me, and I asked her " Where are we right now?"

"Arizona" she answered.... without hesitation.

This makes me sad and smile at the same time. She and I would go to a splash park at least once a week for five months out of the year in Phoenix, and I love how her little mind put two and two together to deduce that we must be in Arizona if we are at a splash park.

On a side note.... Does everyone know about this park at Thanksgiving point?

I have been asking around after it since our move back, only to be looked at like I was making up a story. I had this vivid memory of being of a place like this, but had started to think I must have dreamed it up since no one seemed to know what I was talking about. By chance, the wife of Jeff's co-workers mentioned it the other day, and I was elated to find that one, there was a splash park near by to take Kaylie to, and two, I was not crazy.