November 10, 2009

Kaylie has been wrapping her babies up in blankies and putting them to bed in the corner for a long time, but now she has taken it to a whole new level. She dumps all the toys out of their bins, wraps the babies in blankets, and them uses the bins as beds.

I thought it looked like a hospital nursery with alll the babies lined up in thier isolettes.

maybe it seems she is playing mortician.

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The best Elmo ever. If you know Kaylie, you know she is in love with seasme street, particularly Elmo. We were at toys r us this weekend and we saw this costume on halloween clearance for three dollars....can't bet that. She was going crazy when she saw herself in the mirror.

Our Halloween Lady

Better late than never I guess. Little K, being the little lady that she is was a little lady bug for Halloween. She carried her little pail like it was a purse and struted her stuff from house to house and trunk to trunk. We even took her to jeff's work to trick or treat desk to desk so she really had the hang of things, trick or treating three times.

CANDY! CANDY! and a Spider. Here she is enjoying her post trick or treat goods. The best part is she only really likes suckers, so mom is gettng most the good stuff :)
She is still getting a kick out of this sticky spider a week and a half later too. She wiggles it at us saying "boo!", and answering herself with a "aahhh!"