September 30, 2009

Is summer over then?

The rumor is that today was the last 100' day of the year here in the valley of the sun. Which means, that I guess what we have here now is fall. I don't know if I will ever get used to "fall" here, or summer for that matter. Here is our K though- she apparently has no problem with our AZ just means she has more time to play in the water.

At the zoo's water park - Community lifeguard

The splash park at the mall - Floating in the backyard

September 16, 2009


I have a toddler, therefore it goes without saying that there is food on the floor....often. And when there is food, there is ants. In the last two weeks I have been attacked by ants three times.
Not just any ants either, monster venomous crazy ants that leave welts twice the size of ordinary mosquitoes bites and itch accordingly. Rapid moving, skin seeking, evil ants that before I even notice I am standing near them, climb up my body, under my clothing or into my hair.
I have never seen ants that respond so quickly to the morsel lost by small hands to the floor.....or ants that are so aggressive.
Ants that would send a grown women full speed, fully clothed into a swimming pool.
Come to think of it, I have heard about ants of this a work of fiction. "the posionwood bible". Maybe you have read this novel; maybe you are familiar with the description of this African demon ants that can destroy a village or take a life. The kind of ants that send entire villages running for the nearest body of water seeking escape of carnivorous insects.
Must be instinctual

September 08, 2009

100% GIRL

This is Kaylie in her element. Notice the tutu and the elmo socks....oh yes and of course the baby. Our little girl is obsessed with babies....babies, babies, babies. She feeds them, rocks them, puts diapers on them, dresses them. At night she takes every one of her babies and stuffed animals and puts them to bed all over the playroom, covering them each with a blankie and telling them "nye-night." We have to take one with us everywhere we go.

Yes, even swimming. I told her to go get her swim suit so we could go swimming one afternoon, and she cam back with her swim suit in hand and her baby dressed like this in one of her swim tops.
What fun.

Just in time for October...

It is official. K has been saying a word that sounds just like Dracula. She only has approximately 10 words that she uses on a regular basis, and so I thought that this word that she says was probably her meaning something else, but no. Sadly it is Dracula. She just walked over to me with a flashcard with "the count" on it and said it...Dracula. Not "doogie", not "kitty", not "sippy"... "Dracula".

On a side note. Dracula, in which she is referring to "the count" is her second sesame street derived word after "Elmo". Two words of ten....way to go Jim Henson. We rarely watch the program, but are not lacking in sesame street paraphernalia...obviously.