December 30, 2008

Please scroll down to the bottom of our blog and pause the music HAVE to hear this. Our little girl knows her dolphins and speaks their language too. To bad she won't be running into any porpoises out here in the desert.

We went home to Utah for week for Christmas and enjoyed every minute of it. It was so fun to watch Kaylie and have her first Christmas. We loved getting to spend time with family and we definitely got our fill of snowy weather. Hope everyone had a merry Christmas too!

December 12, 2008

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth!

Number one is up and number two is on it's way. Two front teeth for christmas are certainly in order. I don't think she will be wishing us "merry christmas" however...with or with out teeth, that is just to much for an 8 month old to say

blog problem

I am having this problem when I try to post pictures. Instead of uploading the picture when I am writing the post, it uploads all the computer languge for it. It makes it so I can't arrange picts and text the way I want. Someone please help. what do I do so it shows the picts

December 07, 2008

Phoenix Zoo

We thought we would try out the zoo, now that Kaylie is a little older and it is finally cooler out here. The zoo is huge,and Kaylie took it all in. She was just about as intrested in all the other kids running around as she was with the animals. You can see in last was a lot to take in.