May 31, 2010

I just put Kaylie down for a nap, and then went upstairs to the kitchen. A few minutes later she appears in Jeff's arms- apparently there is going to be no nap today. She sees that I am making brownies and the following conversation takes place.

"I help you mommy"

"I help you mixing"

"Mixing the brownies" ( in a sing song voice as she mixes)

"Mixing the brownies"

"Making the brownies for daddy"

I add - "and Kay kay"

She continues

"And mommy...

And baby sister"

"Lick the mixer, pour it in the bowl"

Jeff and I mostly are responding to this in laughter, and then I say rhetorically “ where did you come from”

"From my bed.

I guess we have made a few batches of brownies around our house. Enough so that my barely two year old know the process step for step and can repeat it to me.

In all seriousness Kaylie; really where did you come from?

May 19, 2010

Kaylie is so us anyway. Lately she has a few "catch" phrases that she say constantly and I wanted to get them written down so I wouldn't forget. You can her one of them in the video...she say "it's my favortie."
You may need to scroll to the bottom and pause the music player
She also says
"pretty please" with a pouty voice and all
" it's delicous" which I am trying to prompt her to say in the video, but I can't get her to say it
" just pre-tricking you" which is pretending and tricking rolled into one purpose
"it's in my story" which is a line from her favorite show Super Why.
"I'm still working on it" which is her cousin Kate's line, but she has picked it up too.
"I need you" which just melts our hearts/trys our last nerve depending on the hour of night.
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May 11, 2010


Meet John Smith. Maybe you have already made his aquaintance. He is from the movie, Disney's Pocohantas.
Unfortunately, my sweet Kay has decided that he and I resemble one another.
She has been carrying him around for the last couple of days calling him "mommy", cooking for "mommy", giving this "mommy" things wrapped in blankets that she calls presents.
Hopefully it is just the yellow hair and blue eyes....perhaps the fact that he too wears his boots over his jeans.
I am finding it funny the way a child's mind works.
Just today she has been carrying him around with this sheep/puppy thing calling them "mommy and baby sister" which comfirms to me that she does, in fact believe that I am pregnant with a kitten. She has been touching my belly button (which is no longer concave with my abdomen), or as she refers to it " the kitty's nose" and laughing.
She is going to be sorely dissapointed in 4 weeks, when I bring a baby home rather than a pet cat.