August 19, 2008

Four months old!

Kaylie is already 4 months old. She is growing up so fast I can hardly stand it. She was actually 4 months old last week, but her dr. apt. was today (like we didn't have enough to do the day before the move). The apt went as well as could be expected with so many shots. Kaylie's stats...75% head, 25% height, 75% weight. We love those chubby cheeks.
She is doing so many things now. She can roll to her side, sit up amost by herself, and entertain herself with her toys and her toes. She can pull the handle on her chair to make the music herself. Our favorite is all the "talking" and smiling and laughing ;she is so much fun to play with and we are so grateful she is our little girl.

August 17, 2008

Goodbye little Kate!

We went up to Heber on Saturday for a farewell to Utah dinner with my family. They brought out all the skis and some christmas snow decorations to remind us of what we will not miss. And made us an Arizona survival kit with extra strength deodarant, pool floaties, and some phoenix suns gear.
It has been so fun and such a blessing to live only an hour away. We have been able to see a lot of one another, and if we ever needed anything or just wanted to have fun, they were right there. I am going to miss them SO much. Good thing there are planes and cars.
I have been thinking lately how I could have NEVER been a pioneer, because I could never leave my family knowing I might not see again. It is hard enough to leave, and I already have plans to see them in Oct. and for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And I am sure there will be busy phone lines. I think I am really sad to miss Kate...I think she is changing so fast and we will miss so many things between now and Oct. ...she doesn't exactly talk on the phone yet. I am sad for all the things that my family will miss as Kaylie grows up too. I guess this means you can definitely count on more blog post from me.
I wanted some UTAH family pictures before we left. We tried last weekend with a professional photographer and even though she took decent picts, Kaylie's performance was less than stellar. Take two...Crystal as the photographer and my mom as the "smile maker :) " and here is what we got.

August 12, 2008

The first goodbye

My last day of work was yesterday and I am finding myself very sentimental. I had just gone back to work after having Kaylie, when we decided to move and I feel like I have had to say goodbye twice, once when I left to have Kaylie, and now for good. I hate goodbyes and this is the first of many that will be soon coming over the next week or two.
For all my girls in the O.R. that may be reading this, I love you guys and I am going to miss you like crazy... you were like a second family to me. I learned so much working with you all and I had a lot of fun along the way. I feel like we were a team and we had a bond that is unique to us. I hope we will keep in touch.
Beside leaving all my friends I am sad about leaving too, because it is the first time in the past five years, I won't be working. I am sad to not be a nurse anymore and I am not sure how I feel about not bringing home any bacon of my own or having a place that is just mine. This has been a hard goodbye, and I know there are harder ones to come.
My mom has been watching Kaylie while I worked a few last days and it has been great. It is really to bad we are moving because it was working out so well. I don't think Kaylie even noticed I was gone...she thinks her grandma is a lot of fun.

August 08, 2008

Scared to Death!

I used to think I was the kind of person who remaind calm in critical situations. Sometime events occur at the hospital and I feel that I have the ability to put emotions away and perform what is nessicary to obtain a positive outcome. Maybe you reading this have thought I might be a good person to have around in the event of an emergency. This my blog readers is not true. Yesterday our sweet Toby dog had a seizure, or at least I think that is what it was now, and I totally freaked out. All I could do is stroke him, crying and screaming "don't die Toby, I love you Toby". Thankfully my mom had just come over to watch Kaylie for me, and she was able to act reasonable. I picked convulsing 54 lb Toby up and put him in the car. My mom got Kaylie in her carseat. We drive the fifteen minutes to the vet. Of course by the time we are halfway there, Toby stops convulsing and by the time we get there is acting pretty normal.
I tried to tell the vet about the twithching and convulsing and the dragging of his limbs as he tried to walk. It was the saddest thing when, unable to control his movements, he rolled on his back and looked up helpless. I thought he was going to die right there in the entry way. Even now, looking back I can picture the morning in my head and I am heartbroken for my poor pet. I hope I can forget the scene soon.
An update on Toby...they checked him out and he is okay. They couldn't find anything physically wrong with him, so they said he is probally epileptic or emotional or stressed. Who would have thought that moving is stressing him out too. He also said it is not that uncommon for dogs to have seizures. They perscribed him Xanax too, just like the kind a human would take. We even picked it up at Walgreens. We are supposed to give it to him whenever he has a seizure. Now atleast next time this happens I will have something to do for him...besides yelling "don't die".

August 05, 2008

Sound Asleep Sweetie

I couldn't resist taking this picture and posting it.
She doesn't get to keep them with her when she sleeps, but she falls asleep so much better with a "baby" or a blankie to cuddle. It is so sweet.

Cute Kaylie poses for picts.

I know nobody want to see her upset, but I want to remeber the way she looks when she does everything.

August 02, 2008

I have this thing about sunflowers...I love them. I love them because they remind me of Heber where they line the driveway to the house I grew up in. I love them because they are bright and cheerful and beautiful. I love them because they are wild and strong. I love them because they remind me of summer, especcailly the end of summer when you can look back on the summer and everything good that has happened. I love them because they make me sentimental ever year...and for that I hate them. I hate them because they cause me to look back on the summer, and if you are looking back on the summer, then the summer is over and I love the summer more than I love the sunflowers.