August 17, 2008

Goodbye little Kate!

We went up to Heber on Saturday for a farewell to Utah dinner with my family. They brought out all the skis and some christmas snow decorations to remind us of what we will not miss. And made us an Arizona survival kit with extra strength deodarant, pool floaties, and some phoenix suns gear.
It has been so fun and such a blessing to live only an hour away. We have been able to see a lot of one another, and if we ever needed anything or just wanted to have fun, they were right there. I am going to miss them SO much. Good thing there are planes and cars.
I have been thinking lately how I could have NEVER been a pioneer, because I could never leave my family knowing I might not see again. It is hard enough to leave, and I already have plans to see them in Oct. and for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And I am sure there will be busy phone lines. I think I am really sad to miss Kate...I think she is changing so fast and we will miss so many things between now and Oct. ...she doesn't exactly talk on the phone yet. I am sad for all the things that my family will miss as Kaylie grows up too. I guess this means you can definitely count on more blog post from me.

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