June 30, 2009

take me out to the ball game....

What kinda 14 month old sits through 7 innings of a baseball game?
We bought Jeff tickets to see the Diamondbacks and Angels game for father's day. I bought cheap seats because I thought that with Kaylie we would be lucky to make it through 3 innings. And even if she did, I didn't think we would be able to tolerate sitting in the heat.
I couldn't have been more wrong. By the time we got to the 7 inning stretch I was more done with the game then Kaylie was. And the stadium is amazing, completely air conditioned and comfortable - it was really worth going just to see Chase satdium.
Her favorite part...a dancing taco and a dancing yogurt cup.

June 21, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun

Jeff's sister Michelle and her girls drove out to Phoenix for a visit....in the heat of the summer too, what troopers! We had so much fun mostly swimming in the pool. All the girls, even Kaylie, really like the arcade a lot also. Kaylie was in heaven with some big kids around 24-7 to play with her, she really wouldn't have cared what we did as long as the girls were there too.
Hope you three had a fun visit.
We sure did!

June 17, 2009

Moms Fighting Stains

This stain treater - dual action spray and wash - is the best out there. I would buy a bottle about every month, and had yet to lose a single article of clothing to stains. Even with everything that a toddler eats/gets into. It was a little miracle in a bottle.

And now I cannot find it anywhere.

Over the last two weeks, I have been to Walmart, Target, Fry's, Albertsons and Walgreens. I have tried four other products. And I have a pile of about half of Kay's clothes with stains that will not come out.
Please tell me if you see it at a store you shop at, or what products you use that do the trick.
And if you do see some....grab it! It is the best stuff out there.

The Progression of a Surivior

We sing the song "Survivor" by Beyonce at our house. It is Kaylie's theme song. I have no doubt that if my daughter was born hundreds of years ago and had to be a "hunter or gatherer" she would have had no problem. Survival of the fitest would not have left her behind. She has mad survivor skills.

All for the sake of hunger and a complete love for anything edible she has....

At 7 months old she found a tangerine in the back of the car, peeled it and ate it while buckled in her car seat. I was driving....completely unaware.

At 8 months she learned that if ever she was hungry there was alway food under her high chair and she could just crawl over there. I suppose that is why she threw so much of it on the floor while she was eating. Saving some for a long winter a.k.a another time when food was not so readily available to her.

As soon as she could walk she started going into the pantry and helping herself to whatever struck her fancy.

I have seen her catch flies and frogs with her bare hands.....don't worry I don't let her eat these.

She has been known to go and get washclothes, still wet from morning baths and suck them for water.

Last month she figured out how to open the frezzer and get herself popsicles.

Today she got into the diaper bag, found a granola bar, opened the wrapper and ate...no porblem. Should a 14 month old know how to do this?

And if worse comes to worse, she knows she can always turn to the dog. Not her favorite option, but hey if you are starving?

And I feed her four meals a day and multiple snacks....really I do.

I'm a survivor (what),
I'm gonna make it (what),
I will survive (what),
Keep on survivin'

* Today jeff handed her back a boxed happy meal, thinking she would look at the characters on the box and be entertained with them until we got home to eat. Oh no.... when I got her out of her carseat in the back she was slready working on her fries. It is like she barely needs us anymore.

June 08, 2009


I was turned on to this product by an old girlfriend, and my sister....both great photographers. If it had thier seal of approval, I knew it was a good one.

A blurb is a photo book that you create with a program that you download for free. You just upload your picts, type some text, a few points and clicks and you have a real book. I have seen a lot of photo product books out there, but this one comes more close to commercial grade than anything I have seen.

And the best part...it is super affordable. I just sent in Kaylie's one year book. A total 182 pages, probally around 600 photos and journaling of her first year. It is only going to cost around $50. I couldn't even print all those pictures for that much. Some of the pictures in the book are a full 8x10 print too.

I also made a small book of a vacation. It is much smaller, but it is only going to cost $16. I couldn't even by a nice photo album for that.

And it just got even better. This last week I opened up my computer to find an update to install. Now you can create your own layouts, move image and test boxes and adjust sizes.

I feel like I am Zelda and I just unlocked some new weapon. This blurb thing just got a hundred time better.

It really is worth checking out http://www.blurb.com .

the hills are alive

If there ever is a Sound of Music remake, I will be suprised if it is not shot in Heber and Midway. It is so gorgeous. I couldn't get over how beautiful everything is this summer.

We were in Heber for a few days to see my little sis graduate from Wasatch. Go Sis! She is going to Utah State like me to so... Go Aggies!

Some pictures of Kaylie in my parents yard. There really was a ton of good ones, but I kept it to four for the blog.

I love the way her face is in a question the same time the flower is drooping.

Seriously gorgeous
Very hills are alive.

She loves her dogs....kisses for Oreo

way behind

A few weeks ago, Crystal and Jake came down for a little visit. While they were there we took the chance to take the girls to the children's museum. It was so great. If any of you are every in the Phoenix area with your young kids you will have to let us take you. Everything was geared towards toddlers but even as an adult I was entertained by it all.
My favorite thing was this pretend grocery store. When I was little, my parents would take Crystal and me to the children's museum in Boston and our favorite thing was the little grocery store there. We used to go the first Friday of every month in Massachutes becuase it was free. Funny enough....the Phoenix museum is free on the first Friday too. Twenty plus years later it seems they are running children's museums the same way.

It is working I guess

I just loved this picture of the girls laughing together in their pajamas. For two girls that are a genetic half match, it is funny how different they are.
Both in personality and apperance.
Thanks for the visit Freeman famliy.