March 12, 2010


We went to see Disney on ice with Grandma, Crystal and Kate last night, about which Kaylie could not have been happier. All day before hand Kaylie kept asking me when Kate would be here, and telling me that Kate was coming to her house to see Tinkerbell. Then she was going to be Tinkerbell and Kate was going to be Mickey. ( Kay would not believe me untill she saw it that Kate was going to be a princess.)

Although asking after Kate in not unusual - she does this every day about 8 or 9 times. Whenever we get in the car she tells me Kate's house - like I am driving cab and she is telling me her final destination. It is no doubt that Kate is her favorite person right now.

Here the girls are patiently waiting before the show begins....smiling, and yes screaming with anticipation. At one point there were even tears of excitement being shed over the Disney party.

Waiting in line with Grandma to buy a fairy wand, and waving our wand during the show. The wand was a hit and Kaylie even took it to bed with her last night. After she fell asleep I went in her room and took it out of her bed. Usually when Kaylie wakes up in the middle of the night she asks/cries for " mama". But not last night, she woke up and a asked for her wand....Seriously.

This isn't a great picture of the any of us, but heaven forbid we slow down for a minute to take a picture....Tinkerbell is inside.

Also, Kaylie sitting intently watching the show. She was riveted. She clapped. She danced. She waved. She shouted the characters names. She looked over to make sure Kate was doing the same thing. It was magical.
Thanks for inviting us to Disney, Kate!

Lastly, our tinkerbell all dressed an ready before the show. I am so pleased with this costume. Mostly because it was created the day before, in a nap time with clothing we already owned, $6 in supplies from the dollar store and Kaylie's yellow and green watercolor paints.
Sure beats a $20 dress up and driving all over town to try to find it.