February 27, 2008

A Party for Baby Girl !

The girls at work threw a shower for me and baby girl my last day...and we thought her room was pink before. There are so many cute things in her closet now, I love to go and look. She is going to be one spoiled girl. Thanks so much to everyone who was there. It was so much fun. I really miss hanging out with all my girls, and even the working part of work a little...although sleeping in till 9 am is pretty great. I guess I'd better now while I have a chance.

February 14, 2008

Happpy Valenitnes day Jeff!

I just wanted to tell you Happy Valentines day. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband. It is like every day is Valentines day at our house becuase you do things to show me how much you love me every day. You are alway putting me before yourself and making sure I am taken care of. I love how silly you can be and how much fun you are too. And I appreciate how hard you work for us. I know in a few weeks you are going to make as good of a dad and you do a husband. Every day I love you more than the day before, you are my world...Have a great day!
Love Me

More Snow!

Last night we had the biggest storm ever since people started living on Traverse Mountian. There was only about 4 or 5 inches of snow, but wind and ice made it mean. The road coming in and out of the subdivision and I-15 was closed so poor Jeff couldn't get home and had to spend the night in a holiday inn on the other side of the point. And poor me all alone with the power out. People were stuck on the freeway for hours and slept in their cars on the side of the road so I guess we were both lucky to be inside. Toby and I are enjoying being house bound today. This is a picture of the backyard this morning. You can see how ice is still stuck to the side of the door and everything.

February 05, 2008

Chillin' Chilly

We have so much snow! The news said something like 22 inches fell up here between Saturday and Sunday. Looking at our house Sunday morning we couldn't belive how much there was. Church was even cancelled. Toby was stuck in Heber for a few days becuase the canyon was closed and I couldn't go pick him up after our trip. The snow can be inconvenient, but it sure is beautiful. I love the snow! I love to take Toby running through the snow, especially when it is so high he disappears. I love to be the first one to walk through deep, undisturbed snow. I even love to shovel the snow, though Jeff won't let me shovel much as pregnant as I am. What a great winter!

Jeff and I headed to St. George for the weekend to get some sun. It wasn't hot, but there wasn't any snow, which was a nice change. We stayed at a condo with this cute patio and a great view (see above). I guess the groundhog saw his shadow while we were away, so six more weeks until Lehi looks a little more like this.