June 08, 2009

way behind

A few weeks ago, Crystal and Jake came down for a little visit. While they were there we took the chance to take the girls to the children's museum. It was so great. If any of you are every in the Phoenix area with your young kids you will have to let us take you. Everything was geared towards toddlers but even as an adult I was entertained by it all.
My favorite thing was this pretend grocery store. When I was little, my parents would take Crystal and me to the children's museum in Boston and our favorite thing was the little grocery store there. We used to go the first Friday of every month in Massachutes becuase it was free. Funny enough....the Phoenix museum is free on the first Friday too. Twenty plus years later it seems they are running children's museums the same way.

It is working I guess

I just loved this picture of the girls laughing together in their pajamas. For two girls that are a genetic half match, it is funny how different they are.
Both in personality and apperance.
Thanks for the visit Freeman famliy.

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