September 01, 2008

Goodbye Utah

So, I realize we have been in Arizona for over a week now but I wanted to get up to date on the whole blog thing. The past few weeks have been an absolute blur to say the least. We were able to wrap things up in Lehi and make the trip down to Scottsdale just over a week ago. The trip down seemed to take FOREVER!!! First off, we left Lehi around 11PM and we made it to Kanab before we called it a night. We checked in to a Holiday Inn Express around 3AM and slept for a few hours. The next morning was slow going as we had to make several stops along the way to take care of Kaylie. The trip was hard since both Amy and I were in separate cars. We finally arrived in Scottsdale around 5pm! We arrived on a Friday and our truck wasn't due to get here until the following Monday. Thanks to my parents, we at least had a nice Aerobed to sleep on. It was our only furniture for those few days. We found an add the first day down here about a moving company that hired out teams to unload trucks. We thought that would be nice since my work would cover the expense... well, WHAT A NIGHTMARE. Amy kept texting me at work that everything coming out of the truck was being drug across the driveway and run into walls. I came home as soon as I could and tried to make sure things went better from there on out. The funniest part was when I saw one of the workers with our towel using it as a rag. Needless to say, it was not a good experience. Throughout it all, we are now mostly unpacked and settling into our new place. Here are some pictures from our move and last few days in Lehi.

All of our stuff ready to be loaded!!!

Nice place for lunch! A dining room table in the driveway!

Toby had a hard time walking up and down with all the holes in the ramp so he finally learned it was easier to just jump from the truck. In the end, he made the trip.

THE ENGINEER - Thank's to Amy's dad for spending all day in the sauna like conditions (the truck) to make sure things were packed nice and tight!

Usually rocking chairs have cushions! Wait, they're all packed! Thank's to Amy's mom for helping out and also watching Kaylie so Amy could get things done as well!

Sure Jeff, I'll finish all your projects you started and never finished!!! Thanks dad for helping out when I really needed it. Thanks also to my mom (sorry, I didn't have any pictures) for helping scrub walls and getting stuff packed for us!!!

Our last walk along the canal!


Where did all the ducks go? This was a second home for Toby. He loved to chase ducks (he never caught one) and just swim down the middle since it was easier than walking.

Both Amy and I really enjoyed all the time we spent in Lehi and all the friends we made both in our neighborhood and our work. We will both miss those we are leaving behind and all the memories that were made! Thanks to all those we became friends and we hope to stay in touch!!!


Ryan, Meagan, and Jase said...

Isn't moving the worst! We're glad you guys finally made it to your new home safely. Hope things are going well for you.

Lindsie said...

It's good to hear your stuff arrived and it is all in your home. I look forward to the day I can come visit you guys! Sorry I'm not there now. This isn't how I pictured it! :( Enjoy the warm weather. It's 36 degrees in Heber right nown with snow on Timp!

The Kay Family said...

Hope you are getting settled into your new place, and you all adjust quickly (it took us about 3-4 MONTHS!!) I love your recent family pictures too; you make a beautiful family.

Horner Family said...

Congrats on the move! I hope you are enjoying it there. My brother Dustin and his wife live there as well. He works for Golf USA there is Scottsdale. (I think that's the name) You guys should hook up. Jeff and Dustin have a lot in common with the golf love...they are going to have their first baby girl any day. I hope all is going well for you guys.