October 12, 2008

My baby is 6 months old!

I can't believe Kaylie is 6 months old already! She is the light of our lives, and it has been so much fun to watch her as she learns new things and is becoming her own little person. In honor of her half birthday, this post is all about her....aren't most of my post just that anyways.

Top 10 nicknames:

1. "_____ bear". Fill in the blank + bear...angel, littlest, baby, whatever you like.
2. " bear bear". I know this is sort of the same thing as above, but we use this more than even her real name.
3. "sister". No this isn't an announcement! We called crystal, sister when we were growing up, and now I find myself calling Kaylie that. Can also be combined into "sister bear" and yes, we read the Bersteain Bears.
4. "girlfriend" Said like a "sister" would say, and I mean a sister from "the hood" not the kind above...oh I am so suburban it is disgusting.
5. "kaylie schmaylie". I know, creative with the rhyming aren't we.
6. "monster". said with affection.... almost always
7. "pretty girl". Well, isn't she
8. " polywog". given to her by her gramps, because of her love for water. Who knows a polywog better than a "carp".
9. "little piggy." one day a boy she is dating will read this and it will embarrass her. I only bring this one out when she is eating.
10. "kay kay". I am trying harder to not say baby words like "baba" and "doggie", but sometimes this slips out like a baby version of "kaylie".

Top 10 things Kaylie likes:

1. Toby; the dog
2. Sleeping in our bed; we aren't winning this battle, more in another post.
3. Watching t.v.; she is mesmerized by the picture but we don't let her watch it really.
4. Water; pool or bathtub, she take it either way.
5. Peek -a-boo; she like to be the one who is hidden.
6. Ice water in a glass; not to drink, just to hold or put her face against...it really is hot here.
7. Her feet; she like to play with them and eat them.
8. Being tickled
9. Having her ears cleaned; so much so that sometimes I stick my finger in there to calm her down.
10. Rolling over; she just learned this and every time she does it she smiles big and waits for applause.

Top things Kaylie doesn't like:

1. Getting clothes on; I have let her wear her pjs all day on multiple occasions so I wouldn't have to ruin her mood.
2. Sleeping in her own crib; really what are we going to do.
3. Peas; will gag until we stop them coming.
4. 9:00 church; she was so easy at the 1:00 time, now at least one of us is in the lobby with her at all times...we have yet to make it past the sacrament being passed.
5. Sitting in her carseat; except when she is really calm.
6. Bottles or pacifiers; she has done a complete '180 on these compared to when she was first born.


The Tomlinson's said...

That was fun. I love reading about your little family. You guys are so cute!

Kyle and Amy said...

Hey Amy- It was so fun hanging out with you two cute girls last week. Im glad me and Brielle got to be around to see you. We hope you get home safe. Good luck with your halloween party. Your costumes are so cute!

Amy said...

She's so cute! 6 months really does fly by, huh?

Emily Pressley said...

They grow up so fast! What a good idea to do a post all about your little girl. I've already forgotten so many things about my little sweety that I forgot to write down. She looks so cute up on the pony:)