April 06, 2008


Well, John and I officially started the 2008 golf season at Thanksgiving Point this weekend. We played under some pretty tough c0nditions with cold temperatures and a brisk wind. The toughest part of the conditions was probably the state of our games! For the first round of the year, it went suprisingly well (you can tell it was the first round of the year based on our extremely white legs!!!). John opened with a downhill curving putt for birdie and he should have quit after the first hole! I realize that it really is a stupid question, but yes, in the end I did win. Using our modified scoring, and I emphasize modified, I shot a -2 and John shot a +1. John made a valient charge at the end, but I had built a large enough lead to pull away with the win!
A sign of good things to come is that I only lost 2-3 golf balls during the round. For those of you who have played at Thanksgiving Point before, there are plenty of holes to lose a golf ball.

Overall, we each had holes that we birdied and I think the highest score on any hole was an 8 (we stayed out of double digits!!!). It is always a lot of fun playing with John and I look forward to a great summer of golf!!! John and I are planning on playing our own little tournament this summer with the final round being played at Torrey Pines during the summer. Let's just say that John has a lot of practicing if he thinks he stands a chance!!! Thanks for the good times John and I can't wait for the rest of the summer of golf!