May 18, 2008

About Us

I have seen this tag posted by a few of the blogs I visit, and I thought in honor of the five years we are celebrating this weekend it would be fun. Plus my blog is quickly becoming a mom blog, so here is a chance to post ..."about us".
Where did you meet?
We are both from Heber, so we kind of knew who each other was, but the first time we really met was on our first date ( a blind one). We can't believe we never really met before then. When we reminesce about the Heber days it seems like our paths crossed all the time, but we weren't paying attention enough to see each other. When we finally did meet, it was the right time in both of our lives, so I guess it was for the best.
What was the first thought that went through your head when you met?
I can't remeber the first thoughts I thought about Jeff. I remember that he was easy to talk to and that he was really cute.
Do you remeber what he was wearing?
He had on red warm up pants that he still has now...I wore them as pjs when I was pregnant. He also had on one of those hemp necklaces that used to be in, although it is the only time I can remember him wearing something like that . And he had a little facial hair which I love... I think it is ruged and manly.
Where was the first time you kissed this person?
Our first kiss was at my house. It was really stormy and the power was romantic. I had been gone traveling for about a month, and it was our first time seeing each other since I left. I had plans to put the moves on him the night before I left, but he made other plans to play basketball so it happened after I got back... I still give him a hard time about this.
How did he ask you out?
He just called me on the phone. I remeber he said "this is Jeff Carpenter, do you know who I am." I still give him a hard time about this too.
Where did you go for your first date?
We went up Provo Canyon to some campgrounds and had a cookout and campfire and played games with some of his friends.
How long did you know this person before you became a couple?
I don't know when we became a couple, we never had that talk that we were only going to date each other. We dated all summer, and by the time it was time to go back to our different schools, we were a couple. Then we spent the entire school year driving from Utah State to SUU or meeting in Heber every weekend so we could be together.
Has this person ever proposed to you?
Of course, on Nov. 20, 2002. We were in SLC and we were out in temple square. It was freezing and I wanted to go inside. He wanted to stay out in the freeze. He pulled me close to him to keep me warm and I could hear his heart beating really fast. I thought in my head... that is why we can't leave, he is proposing. I knew he had a ring already. I even snooped for it in his room one day when I was waiting for him to get home, but I couldn't find it.
Do you and this person have any kids together?
Kaylie is already one month old, she is getting so big. For our anniversary she gave us a present...she slept the entire time we were out at dinner.
Have you ever broken the law together?
We may have camped in a campsite without putting our money in the little box. We have tried to do this a few times, but I think someone had always found us out. I know, we are wild.
When was the first time you realized you liked this person?
I think for both of us, it was when I left for a month the summer we started dating. I missed him and couldn't wait to see him when I got back. We both say we realized we loved each other on Pioneer Day 2002. It had been our tradition to go to Heber to celebrate Pioneer Day ever since.
Do you get along with this persons ex's?
They are nice girls, but he hit the jackpot with me. Jeff will tell you that I am a jealous person though and I have said why couldn't we have always known each other so I would be your only girlfriend. I did almost name Kaylie the same name as one of his ex's, because I like the name, so I guess I am not that jealous.
What is the most expensive thing this person has ever given you?
I am sure our little girl will be the most expensive thing, but as of right now she hasn't cost that much. He bought me a piano the first christmas in our house as a suprise. He also bought me Toby, our dog as a suprise. He didn't cost that much initially, but if we count up the cost of all the things he has chewed up, he gets expensive. One thing is for sure, Jeff is good with suprises.
What is the one thing this person does to get on your nerves?
He is so one tracked when it comes to sports, he doesn't hear a word I say when there is a game on.
What do you do to get on his nerves?
Probably talking when there is a game on. I also have a problem shutting cupboards after I open them, and it can look like that scene in the Sixth Sense. This bothers him, but I am better about it now.
Where do you see yourself in fifteen years?
If we were exactly where we are now I would be nothing less than thrilled. I only hope there were a few more kiddos in our family.
If you are reading this and you haven't done this tag already...take the trip down memory lane and post about you. It's been fun looking back at how it all began.


The Kay Family said...

YAY!! I love that you did this tag, so that I could hear more the "backstory" of your relationship.

Taney Family said...

Jeff hit the jackpot with you Amy - I think Grandma Guernsey said it best (5 years ago) in the temple,..."Jeff she's the most beautiful girl you ever dated." I'm so blessed to have you as a sister! I love you tons. I'm also so happy that Jeff found his best friend! You are PERFECT together.