July 21, 2008

that's so funny

We just got back from vacation and we had a blast. I will post more about it and all the pictures when I get more time later this week. Kaylie started to really laugh while we were on vacation. I have only been able to make her do it two other times too, but this is her laughing for the very first time. I am so glad we had the camera right there. If you can't tell I am jumping on the bed and laughing. That seems to be the only thing that is funny to our little girl so far. Go to the mucis player on the right margin and pause the music so you can hear the video.


The Tomlinson's said...

Oh, she is so precious! I'm so glad you're enjoying her. Isn't it funny the ridiculous things we do as parents (i.e. jumping on the bed to get a giggle or two?!) There's nothing better than little ones!

Lindsie said...

I love the laugh...from both of you. You and Jeff are great parents! We loved seeing you guys. Hope you're doing well.

Jen said...

Priceless! She is beautiful, and you look fabulous!