January 28, 2009

Like Father...like daughter

Yesterday Jeff took Kaylie to teach her to have a love for golf. They went to the FBR open here in Scottsdale and watched the pro's. They saw all the big name players practicing for the tournament this weekend. Chris DiMarco (if you are not a golf fan, one of the top players) and his wife even came up to Jeff and Kaylie to say hello, sign her ticket and tell Jeff she was beautiful. I am sure glad they had a fun time on their first daddy - daughter date.

Here they are watching the players hit at the driving range

Here they are...that is Stuart Applebee in the background

Watching golf makes your mom sleepy too baby girl


The Tomlinsons said...

That is so cute! Daddy Daughter date at the golf course. What a fun day.

I have no idea who that golfer is...I only know Tiger. I always fall asleep while my husband watches Golf.

Ryan and Kim said...

Jeff, this is your old co-worker from Tanner...I know you have probably blocked that out of your memory! We are going to be in AZ next month. We should get together for lunch/dinner while we are out!