April 29, 2009

Chicken Little

I am obssesive compulsive at times.....a hypochodriac, nuerotic worrier too. I hate that I am that way. It can be a tiresome habit.

The H1N1 virus appeared in the headlines this past weekend, and I have been diligently watching CNN. I have made the CDC website one of my computers favorites, as well as many of the links Crystal put here .

I decided today to not take Kaylie to the library per the usual. Limit our public exposure.

I just got back from the Walmart where I purchased all the things the CDC is recommending to have on hand for the pending pandemic as well as filling the holes in our food storage....

I was not the only one there stocking up.

Many people I noticed had on latex gloves. All the hand sanitizer has been bought up... masks too. I went to Walgreens and it was the same story.

Many of the schools are closing here in Phoenix.

I know I am always the first to worry, just wondering if you are worried to.

Hopefully we will all look back on this in a month, and sigh....smiling at ourselves for being so worked up. Hopefully.


Crystal said...

I obviously think yu are right in these things. i had to go to park city today ( i left the kids at moms) where there are five cases as of now. When I got home I took off my clothes, showered and promptly washed anything that had been out of the house.... I told Ali to do the same and have been walking around with Lysol all day.... and I am still stressed about it. Nobody else seems to be worried, some people are even not sure what I am talking about when I bring it up... what??? People, your neivity is what is leading to a pandemic.

The Tomlinsons said...

It is better to be safe then sorry!