July 15, 2009

They made it !

My dad and little sister are in Tanzania this month. They sent this email to my mom yesterday.

"I only have a couple of minutes. I'll try and write more later
We made it!!!! Very hard!!!! Maybe 150 started and only 12 finished. We were two of them. Our trip is going absolutely perfect. No problems at all. Very safe here.
I miss you a ton!!!! Can't wait to tell you all the details.
Ali says she loves you and miss you a bunch too. "

Sounds like they made it; the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. I am so proud of them, but had no doubts they would do it. My dad thinks he is Indiana Alan and that little sister of mine is the toughest cookie I know. I am really proud of them...proud and a little jealous.

What and awesome experience.


Amy said...

That is SOOOOO cool! What a neat experience for them!!

The Tomlinsons said...

Whoa!!! That is awesome!