November 10, 2009

Kaylie has been wrapping her babies up in blankies and putting them to bed in the corner for a long time, but now she has taken it to a whole new level. She dumps all the toys out of their bins, wraps the babies in blankets, and them uses the bins as beds.

I thought it looked like a hospital nursery with alll the babies lined up in thier isolettes.

maybe it seems she is playing mortician.

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The Tomlinsons said...

Oh, that is so cute! Sounds like Santa needs to bring her a baby cradle....or two, or three!

Kyle and Amy said...

How funny little nurse in training. Haha she'll be ready to help in case you ever have triplets.

Heather and Dave said...

What a doll! I love how girly miss Kaylie is. Molly was loving the elmo costume photos and thought it was her! haha, funny girl. Will you guys be around for the holidays? We'd LOVE to see you before we head to denver the 26th.