February 09, 2010

We made it to salt lake city, and are now residing in our fourth home in our daughters short 21 months. For being as particular of a personality as she is she seems to be adjusting better than I expected.

Does anyone elses two year old seems to be a little OC? She has little tantrums over things not being exactly right, not having a towel with a fish on it to get out of the bathtub, setting the table with the exactness of miss martha, finding peices of lint on the carpet and picking them out to throw away.....really you would think I would have a cleaner house.

But she has taken to the changes with flying colors...I guess after four moves, moving is routine for her.

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kendragreensides said...

My daughter was/is the same way...she has gotten a little better, but for a long time she was really bad! Whens he went to bed everything had to be a certain way...there could be nothing on the floor except books, she only wanted her blankets in her crib with her (no animals or dolls), the closet door had to be shut, the dog couldn't be in the room. It was crazy, but she has gotten a bit better. Where in Salt Lake are you guys?