July 12, 2010


We set out to have a haphazard, fly by the seat of your pants day Saturday....as much of one as you can have, while still making sure you packed a diaper bag anyways. At the end of our day of fun we were on our way to the bowling alley in American Fork when we found the fair set up and inviting us. Kaylie is still talking about the rides this morning. This is a picture is her personality perfectly....fearless, carefree, enthusiastic, happy.

Well, almost fearless anyway.

While the carasoul and a mini train and a donald duck boat where some of her favorites, the ferris wheel was probaly not. She kept telling me " its not scary" and asking me if we would "touch the sky" and really put on a brave face, but for most of the ride held each of my hands with one of hers very tightly.

Snow cones were in definate order.

And don't forget about Tiny. She was there too, being a tropper as always. She was sleeping and sweating the whole time.


Crystal said...

I want to go to a carnival just to take some pictures.

The Tomlinsons said...

That looks like so much fun....who needs Disneyland you have the Carnival. Its days like that you will always remember

Staci said...

Oh your little baby is so cute! So far our little boy is sleeping more than his sister did too, which is a nice surprise. How fun that you have two girls together, they will be best friends!

Kyle and Amy said...

Cute pictures! That last one is so sweet!