February 09, 2012

The 6th place our 3 year old will have called home

I am pretty sure my husband is part gypsy.
I wanted to put a tour of our place in the book...here it is.
This is the one picture of our apartment we had seen before we met. Minus the suitcases and stroller of course. Needless to say we were a little worried...are those brick floors? But it was really the only thing in our price range....well scratch that; nothing is in our price range here, but atleast for sky high rent we got two bedroom. It was the only one, that and it was so close to Jeffs office. so we figured for a few months we could deal with anything.
We were plesantly surprised when we walked in. First off, the "brick" is actually smooth tile, and it is heated and so not awful like brick as we were anticipating. In fact I think the whole apartment is heated by these floor as we do not have a thermostat anywhere. Secondly this is the kitchen above. And while it is about the size of our closet at home, it is modern, white, clean and practically new. A germaphobe like me couldn't ask for more. well perhaps a spatula, bowls.
This is the bathroom. It is also germaphobe approved. Whenever anyone showers there is condensation on every apartment window and we open the windows for a little bit. The girls love that tha shower head is detachable. It is a little awkward in that if you open the front door you see right into the bathroom, and even if you have the bathroom door shut, it is the only door in the whole house that is see through. strange? I have considered hanging newspapers up for privacy, but it is not exactly like people drop by or anyone comes over. The toliet has two flushes, you can gues what number one and number two are for.
Our living room/playroom. Don't you love all the white furniture and glass. Perfect for any household with one or more toddlers I would say. This picture was obviously taken right after the housekeeper ( yes, that IS pretty awesome) had been over. As evidenced by the lack of toys, toys, melted cheese wax wrappers, dirty diapers, kaylie wardrobe change discards;sippy cups, did I already mention toys.
The housekeeper speaks italian. The first day she came, I was sure to be there. I wasn't sure if they had keys or not. She walked in and spoke to me in german, and quickly realzied that I did not understand...then she said what I can only assume was the same thing in french and italian . Then I said to her I only speak english...she chuckled and shrugged her shoulders. What kind of country is this? You speak 3 languages and you are cleaning my aprtment. I must be the most unemployable person in the whole country.

And the best part of the living room, besides the apple tv that streams me American cartoons for my children when they decide at 2 in the morning that they are still on Mountain Standard Time... is the windows with no screens that open easily and so wide an adult person could easily step out of them and fall two stories to the ground. Obviously not awesome. I walked in to discover Kaylie sitting on the back of the couch one day near a window she had opened herself.

Panic. Hug Kaylie dearly. Rearrange furniture.

Our room. It has lots of great light, and a little view. We probably would have been okay with just the one bedroom since Jeff actually never sleeps...ever, and even if he is chances that both girls are also sleeping is slim. The best part if I open my window I can hear my neighbor...a profesionaly trained opera singer at all times of the day. That is not sacrasm, I love it. Somedays I will be just at home, listening to the screaming and crying of girlies, making lunches, washing clothes, and forget where I am ...and then I will hear her belting out italian solos, and I go oh...thats right...I am in some awesome place. And I appreciatively listen to her . And sadly all she gets in return for her performance is screaming and crying through her side of the paper thins.

The girls room. They are sharing a room better then I expected. Especcialy Audrey who has been in a playpen and has been doing mostly just fine. We were really unsure if there was a second bedroom becuase it was only listed that there was a single bed and a double bed in the apartment not that it had two bedrooms, but hallelujah just for the extra closet. Kaylie walked in and the first thing she said after she smacked her head on the shelf by her bed," was why are there nothing on the walls" and then by the next day had three of four coloring pages taped up to fix her problem.

It is not briarwood lane by any means, but we are definately more comfortable then we expected here. It is amazing how little you actually need. Well perhaps I will spring for a spatula.


Crystal said...

this post talks lots about how you are a germ freak. I am too. I have spent the last two days trying to get the water in my steam cleaner to be closer to clear- you know exactly what i mean. Also I have been staying up late researching mattresses because I am certian my children are breathing germs and chemicals. Why are we this way? Jake says I am getting a little crazy about it.

The Tomlinsons said...

Amy, I love reading your posts! What an adventure you are having! How fun for your family. And I love how you mentioned that seeing Europe with two small children may be a bit more difficult, but more joyful!

Marcie said...

You'll be so happy you documented your cute little apartment......I say with a sigh full of jealously. Loved catching up on your adventures in Spain.