February 05, 2012

we came; we saw it all; we ate....Munich

Why, hello there beautiful.

The Theatinerkirch. Coming out of the Underground this was our view. To say the least we were in awe. Especcially because this was not even what we were coming to see, but something we more just happened upon on our way.
This to. The Residence. Massive. Intricate.
What we came for, the New Town Hall and the Glockenspiel. Of course we timed our visit so we could be present when it went off.
Like a giant cuckoo clock with tons of moving parts and levels. It tells two stories, one of a joust and a royal wedding, and one of the ending of the black plague. The girls were wondering when the show was going to begin - like this is it?
Okay, what we really came for....
I am pretty sure Bavarian cream is at its best in Bavaria. That Audrey has no idea what to do with a donut.
Then this guy...The old Town hall. Not spectactular, but worth a mention since it survived that Black Plague those glockenspiel characters can't shake.
And this guy, Karlzplatz,the old city walls built in the 13th century.
And lastly the Frauenkirche, also built in the 1400's.
There were a few tourist so we went inside too, Sunday services were under way . Kaylie lit her first and most likely only prayer candle. And then a old man approached her as he left, speaking German she did not understand and handed her a Saint Maria charm , and then he handed one to Jeff for Audrey and then one to each of us. It was a very sweet gesture by this local who I am sure had only came to attend Mass. And then he was gone like a ghost before we could even tell him Dankashane.
Besides thier medival and religous history, most of these buildings have a place in the story of World War II and Hitler's uprising. We did not explore much of that part of Munich histroy, lack of time, and young eyes and ears. But is was easy to imagine the city back then just the same.
Mostly because on a Sunday the place was pretty deserted, so deserted that our voices echoed off the buildings and it seemed most locals we did encounter was most likely old enough they were present for it all. Sunday is a very quiet day pretty much everywhere, so it is usually slow, but it is also ridiculously freezing right now.

Audrey chose to keep moving to stay warm, while Kaylie refused to get out of her cocoon of a stroller we had made her.

Should I be wrapping things up here. We were so suprised at how close together everything was, and easily accessed too. We had seen everything we had wanted to see and still had the evening ahead of us. So now starts the impromptu part of our trip....we will call it Modern Munich.

But first, a nap.

Tiny finally let us bundle her up too.

And then the evening.

The BMW Welt/Museum, Kaylie thinks the 3 serires BMW is for her....she is 3 you know.

The Olympic Park

the Aquarium.

And Dinner

Brats, and more of those Nutella Crepes that keep finding thier way to me

These girls serioulsy know thier way around good food.

And Lastly ( I promise) some details that could not be left out...

and an angel ...or two.


Marcie said...

So I just got your Facebook friend request and saw this blog link.

Are you seriously not living 3 doors down? I swear I saw you out front this week.......but apparently that is impossible, because you seem to be living in switzerland. I guess I must be the most clueless neighbor ever.

I am DYING over all of these posts. It is my ultimate, (talk about it on a weekly basis) dream to be able to live with my kids in a foreign country. They are at the perfect ages to do it right now. But with my husband's job that will never be a possibility. We are pretty stuck here.

So I am going to live vicariously through you. What an amazing experience. I hope you are enjoying every moment and taking a gazillion pictures so your kids can look back to remember it all.

I have printed off a blog blurb book every year for the past five years.....best thing I've ever done. My kids LOVE to look through them and I'm grateful I did them because I have forgotten at least 90% of the things I wrote about.

Keep up the blogging.

p.s. Did I mention I am SO jealous:)?

Carrie said...

Can I just tell you that I'm living vicariously through your blog. It's great how while you're there, you're determined to get the entire experience. I'm loving it...and I really want one of those doughnuts!