March 12, 2012

I will say charming a thousand times

This is the city and castle of Gruyere set on the hill. It is not in the same city as Gruyere cheese. We made the silly mistake of thinking they were the same thing, but it turned out being a great thing. I didn't think that things here in Switzerland could get much more charming or adorable then I already knew them to be, but yet somehow they did.

Gruyere is a no car city so we parked at the bottom of the hill. Audrey insisted on climbing the hill all by herself.
Our first stop was the castle of Grueyre. Kaylie decided quickly that it was Sleeping beauty's castle. Do you notice a theme here? She turns ever castle we see into some princess's, but we will tell her she is 100% right if it means a more willing sight seer. The caslte itself was impressive to walk through.
And the views from the top were incredible.
And the little town was the quaintest thing we had ever seen. Cobblestone streets with a center fountin that were lined with old houses and resturants and at the end of it all an old church and the castle. Because we had been in Switzerland for almost two months now and had yet to try traditonal fondue we decided there wasn't a better time then this charming setting. Of course the girls had fun dipping the food, and we discovered a new favorite...raspberries with guyere cream and sugar.
As we walked down the street of this very tiny town, we thought we spotted our hotel. And sure enough (we checked the iphone) we had somehow booked a hotel in this little tiny adorable town.
When I had gone to reserve the room I had typed in Gruyere on the search and it only came up with two choices. I thought it has something to do with us wanting a triple room. Four people in two twin beds is just not something you want to do. But it turns out there were only two choices because there were only two hotels. We were thrilled that our confusion and led us to stay in this special place.
Our adorable hotel at night. We opened up the windows, the girls loved waving to all the people and we loved that we got to soak up the charm all night long. The next morning we came down for breakfast and the hotel girl had prepared a table for us with plastci cups and a highchair. The hotel only had 8 rooms and we loved the little personal touches. We sat there and ate a little breakfast looking out at the magnificent view and I told Kaylie that she should look becuase it is one of the most beautiful places she will every see in her whole life. "Mom, we have trees like that at home, the sky is just like that at home." She is right, but is really a sum of products type thing. She is not the easily impressed type. This Saturday was one of my favorite so far, and has me convinced that Switzerland is the most beautiful country in the world

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