March 08, 2012


That is what Tiny shouts over and over agian if she sees any signs of swimming. I have to be very careful to make sure waterwings and swimsuits are put away out of sight or I will have a very dissapointed little girl on my hands. We thought Kaylie was a little water bug when she was little, having a pool in your backyard will do that to any toddler I am sure, but Audrey may rival her sister in water loving and toddler swimming skill.
Although Kaylie is still quite the swimmer. Lately she is being so brave. She asked me to take off her floaties yesterday while we were in the shallow end and was loving sinking to the bottom and then pushing herslef back to the top of the water. This is her patiently playing in the kiddie pool, untill I take her over to the big swimming pool. And that is her new (and only Swiss) friend Chloe. Although Chloe is not Swiss. Coincedently enough Chloe is half Heber girl, and her mom (an expat pro) has been kind enough to let us tag along with them to the pool every Wednesdays as well as advise me on all things a novice Swiss like me needs to know. It has been really wonderful for all of us, but especcially Kaylie who desperately misses her friends back home.
A favorite moment of mine caught on camera....I positioned the girls like this at the edge of the pool hoping to get a picture of both of them, but Audrey was only strong enough to hold on for a second. She started to drift away from the side and instantly went into floating mode. Love that she is learning. And, also instantly big sister Kaylie went right after her. There is not shot, because by then I had put the camera down and hoped in the pool, but picture Kaylie hugging onto her sister saying "I gottcha, don't worry" as they both drifted away the second before mom
grabbed them both.
These girlies are seriously the best in the world, and being thier momma is the best job in the world!

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