May 05, 2008

In the News

If any of you check for news, maybe you noticed that Jeff...or rather his car made headlines. The lady that parked next to him at his office parking garage drove off the edge. It is three stories up. The space next to Jeff's gold Mazda is where the lady was parked before she drove through the edge . Thankfully she is going to be okay, and we can just laugh at seeing Jeff's car on the news.


Matt&Kratch said...

Class of '98... 10 Year Reunion planning party. Monday, May 19th at Zupas in Draper off of 12300 South exit. 1:00 PM. Pay for your own lunch... bring your ideas. If you're interested in attending let me know. Thanks!

The Cox Family said...

Hey Jeff and Amy, I am so glad that I found your blog! Blogging is such a good way to keep in touch. Looks like you guys are doing very well and that little Kaylie is absolutely beautiful!

Heather & Dave said...

What a crazy story! Pretty neat that your car made the news though! We want to meet Kaylie! When is a good time for you guys?