September 05, 2008

Happy 29!

Happy birthday Jeff! We hope you are having a great day and want you to know what a great husband and dad you are. We love you soooo much. Thank you for all you do to take care of us. Sorry you have to go to work on your birthday...come home soon so we can celebrate!
Amy and Kaylie


Taney Family said...

when did you get so OLD??? I love the picture of you and Kaylie. I'm sure Amy has a fun night planned for your darling family. We hope all is well in AZ - Love each one of you sooo much. Chelle

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday Jeff! We are so sad we can't be there to celebrate with you, maybe with some free golf for us or something! I hope 29 is a good year!

Millers said...

What a peaceful picture, and what a loving wife you have. We wish we could be there swimming in your pool and watching Jeff blow out the candles. Love to you three!!