September 09, 2008

Top Spot

So we live in Arizona now. Sometimes I forget this, I guess I am still getting used to the change. When I do remember it, I think that it is okay that we do. For those of you that I talk to regularly you may remeber a time when I wasn't okay with the fact that we were going here I mean. There are things that I like about here and there are things that I miss about Utah, but here is home so that is that.
I have been in the process of unpacking our things and everything that goes into movin in. I was unpacking a box that was our office stuff; jeff had packed up the boxes of office stuff and I came across a paper that was from several years ago, on the bottom it said 2005. It was a quiz we took on the internet, from a website I can kind of remeber doing this and we must of been in our St.George apartment. Anyways the website ask you all sorts of questions about what you like and need in a plave to live and then gives you your top 25 places. Many of you have probally done this and if you haven't it is kinda fun so you should.
Funny stuff... reading our list, mind you it is 3 years old, it says that fountain hills, AZ is our number one place. Fountain hills is about 12 miles north of where we are now. That being the case, we decided we had to visit it this weekend. It is famous for having the largest fountain in the world. It is a very small town (think Heber 15 years ago) and kind of isolated from the rest of the towns by the mountains. It is quaint and pricey and I don't know how it made it to our number one top spot, but it was fun to check it out.
Lucky for us we already live in our number 2 spot...scottsdale, AZ. If only I had known it was our number two spot before we moved...maybe I would dragged my feet a little less.


Lindsie said...

Every time I see you've made a new post I feel a little twist in my stomach. I look forward to the time that we can hang out. Looks like you're getting used to the new place. From this post it sounds like you're liking things about AZ...hopefully you'll save some of your new adventures for when we're back there!! Oh well, to everything there is a season, eh? Take care.

The Tomlinson's said...

I am so glad you are happy in your spot! It makes such a difference when you can be happy with your location. It is never easy to move, I know how it feels, but it all works out! I am glad everything is going good for you there!