October 29, 2008

Happy MC-Halloween!

So it is Halloween in two days, I am am just now getting my decorations out. Mostly because I was using a lot of my stuff to decorate the trunk or treat I already posted about and I didn't want to set it up twice. Also because Halloween just snuck up on me...it is like 95 degrees outside still, so my mind says it is August. I find it premature when I am at the Walmart and there are orange and black and candy everywhere, and then I remember it is October . I guess I have to look to the seasonal aisle rather than the seasons to tell me what time of year it is.
Some of my most favortie halloween things are things I inherited from my mom that we had around the house when I was a kid. The first is chicken mc-nugget trick or treaters. Yes, chicken mc-nuggets....I am pretty certain they were happy meal prizes. The pieces of their costumes come off and can be interchanged. The second are these plastic buckets that I like to use a luminares and line walkway on halloween night. I have 15...that is 5 of each face...one of each for every child in my family. And, if I remember right, a happy meal came inside.
I have these cravings for a simple mcdonald's cheeseburger sometimes...ketchup, mustard, pickles, processed cheese and the thinnest beef pattie . I feel like when I was pregnant, I ate pretty much only .89 c cheeseburgers from mcdonald's the entire month of Nov. Don't judge me, please. If they still came with such awesome prizes I don't think I would have any reason not to eat cheap cheesburgers all October.


The Tomlinsons said...

Ha, I know exactly how you feel. It just doesn't feel like Halloween when you still have your AC on and can't go outside during the day because of the heat.
I hope you have a great Halloween!!!

Jessica said...

Hi Amy! I can't believe you are in Arizona! Your little girl is getting getting big and so pretty! I remember her as this little tiny thing. I'm glad you are doing well, your family costumes are perfect. (You make a great Wilma!) Have a fun first Halloween with your baby, it seems like Halloween is so much more fun with kids! I'm glad that all the Carpenters have blogs, it's great to see what you all are up to. Those McDonald toys do bring back memories!