February 23, 2009

Tales of Motherhood

This post is indulgent, but I could not help myself....I am in love with my little gilr today. And since her dada is away from us right now, I thought he might enjoy this post as well. It seems everyday our Kay grows up so much and I wanted to capture the last 24 hours.

1. Kaylie came with me to primary yesterday, where I attempted to play the piano and occupy her simutaneously. She showed me...she know just what to do with pianos and when I would play, she stood on her tip toes and played the keys as well. Then one of the teachers took her and held her while we had music time. They were all sitting in a circle, and I could just see it on her face how delighted she was to be with all the big kids. Every minute or so, she would look over at me to make sure I was still there and then she would giggle when she saw, that I saw, what a big girl she was.

2. We went to the grocery store today where we ran into a girl from our ward. After stopping to say hi and talk for a second, we went our different ways. " See ya later...bye...and kaylie is waving her little bye bye hand without being promted.

3. Kaylie has an stuffed elephant in her bed and when I put her down to sleep I pull his tail and he makes a song. I put her down for her morning nap and she slept for an hour and a half. I was just thinking that she had been asleep a long time when I heard her musical elephant start. I went in to find my girl rocking her stuffed puppy and of course making music from the elephant to help him fall asleep too.

Today it is fun to be mom.

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Emily Pressley said...

Motherhood truly is great! It's amazing how much simple moments like these can mean to you. you do have a pretty cute little girl.