March 24, 2009

It worked last time...

Last time I posted a pict of Kaylie outside in the backyard, we had a ton of visitors find there way down to visit us ( more about that below)... any excuse to get out of the cold Utah spring I guess. So here goes agian.
We were eating ice cream cones outside the other day, and I decided Kaylie is almost a year, and it was hot, so I let her try ice cream for the first time. She thought it was funny how we used our toungues to get the ice cream off the cones, and even more funny how toby used his tongue to get the ice cream off her.
Also, these pictures may already be disgusting to some readers... I am letting a dog lick my baby on the mouth. That being the case, I want to point out that my child is wearing a diaper, it just doesn't appear that way, from the angle of the camera.
I am not completly without hygenic standards.


Emily Pressley said...

I think it's adorable! And considering what kids that age pick up and put in their mouths, sweet doggy kisses are no big deal! (I secretly let my dog give my little girl kisses too)

Kyle and Amy said...

I think its cute! :) We are so bummed about our trip down there. We never even left the hotel between every one of us getting some kind of flu bug! Thanks so much for your help locating doctors! You guys were awesome. Sorry we never made it to see you but you should actually be grateful because you might have gotten sick too if we did.