March 24, 2009

March Madness!

I don't follow basketball closely so I will not be posting about the real march madness, that is just what we have been calling it around here lately. This month has been and will continue to be crazy busy. Every day but three this month we have either had a visitor, or been visiting. I usually give Jeff a hard time when he posts things, becuase they are tooo long, but this is pretty long too...sorry!

The madness started when Johnny came down for a tour of phoenix....of course it involved golfing.
Then just the girls headed to Utah to visit the Freemans and the new babe and also spend time with my parents.

Ali was nice enough to drive back to AZ with me, and boy the drvie went a lot faster having someone besides an 11 month old to talk to....she stayed the week to play.

Jeff's parents came down to visit, enjoy the sunshine, and tell Kaylie happy b-day, early.
And the madness only continues...we are leaving tomorrow to have a getaway vacation with some Lehi friends....more to come later. Busy, but fun!

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