September 16, 2009


I have a toddler, therefore it goes without saying that there is food on the floor....often. And when there is food, there is ants. In the last two weeks I have been attacked by ants three times.
Not just any ants either, monster venomous crazy ants that leave welts twice the size of ordinary mosquitoes bites and itch accordingly. Rapid moving, skin seeking, evil ants that before I even notice I am standing near them, climb up my body, under my clothing or into my hair.
I have never seen ants that respond so quickly to the morsel lost by small hands to the floor.....or ants that are so aggressive.
Ants that would send a grown women full speed, fully clothed into a swimming pool.
Come to think of it, I have heard about ants of this a work of fiction. "the posionwood bible". Maybe you have read this novel; maybe you are familiar with the description of this African demon ants that can destroy a village or take a life. The kind of ants that send entire villages running for the nearest body of water seeking escape of carnivorous insects.
Must be instinctual


Dan&Ali said...

Ants are the devil. Though the ones we have here haven't cause bit marks they are still a menace to my life. We store our place mats in a cubbord near and outside door and the soon found the left over crumbs and infested the place!!

The Tomlinsons said...

Yuck! I hate ants! It took me a whole summer and several professionals to get rid of the ones in my house! I hope you can get rid of them before they eat you alive!