February 12, 2010

My littlest valentine

One of the best things about living right downtown.....there are 101 place to take a picture. I used to always be keeping my eyes open in phoenix for a single brick building, with the purpose of wanting to use it as a photograph background. There is probally a brick building in every color within 5 minutes of our home, perfect for photgraphing my littlest valentine in front of.

Another great thing....tons of little bakerys perfect for buying my littlest valentine a heart shaped treat.

Above Kaylie is telling me (incorrectly) that she is two years old. Not that I am going to teach her differently.

Hoping everyone a happy valentines!


Crystal said...

These are awesome. I really need to set up pictures for Sam. He has none.

Rachel said...

Those are great pictures of Kaylie! I agree, Utah has much better places to take nice pictures than Phoenix. A lot less gravel and cactus!