April 14, 2010

Two years old!

It was Kaylie's birthday yesterday. I had intended to make it a good day for her without nessicarily letting on that it was her birthday. Mostly because ever since she was at Kate's birthday a few weeks ago, she has been telling me that when it is her birthday she was going to get presents too.
Not that my sweet child is not getting a birthday present, we just have plans to celebrate with family and her party later this weekend and the birthday fun that she is expecting is still to come. After a visit from both grandmas, two cousins, dad coming home early ( and an assortment of small treats and presents that came with those visitors) a trip to the aquarium, chick-fil-a, the dinosaur museum, and blowing out candles she may have had a complete birthday already.

A little about Kay at two

She weighs 26 lbs, and is 34" tall ( right at 50% for both height and weight.)
Her hair is always in her grey eyes.

She loves bubbles, outside, playing in water, going to the park, cartoons, blocks, books, coloring, painting, puzzles, playdough, playing with kids and Toby, music and dancing, and to run and be chased.

Her favorite foods are eggs, "noodle soup" ( spagehtti O's), chicken noddle soup, "meat" ( the deli slices), go-gurts, "pull-pulls" ( tangerines), grapes, green beans, strawberrys, peaches, tic-tacs and pez candy.

She can say anything and everything and I am amazed how far her languge has come in the past couple of months...some of my favorite phrases she says daily are "me too", "I hear it", "I see it", "help-a me momma", "I happy", "silly goose" and of course "I lub mommy". She is also so polite alway saying please and thank you, no thanks and excuse me.

I love that she can expresss exactly what she sees or needs. Todays examples -
She saw construction on the side of the road and said "what a mess...clean it up..oh-well"

Toby was waiting around for some lunch to be dropped his way. I gave Kay three animal cookies for dessert, and walked out of the room for a second. When I came back she was gone and I found her in her room on her bed cookies in hand. She told me "no toby, eat my cookies" and it seems she was hiding in her room from toby's cookie snatching ability.

She spilled water on her shirt, removed her shirt and said " my shirts wet, I need new shirt".

She knows her letters, numbers, shapes. Everyday she suprises me with her smarts.

Her favorite songs to sing are ABC's, popcorn popping, five little monkeys jumping on the bed, book of mormon stories, and tonight's gonna be a good night ( yes - black eyed peas)

She loves Finding Nemo ( and can repeat some of the lines), Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse, and Super Why.

She is ever so sweet. She is alway putting her hand in her shirt and bringing it out so carefully acting like she now has a tiny baby in her hand. Then she will say "tiny baby'', and kiss her imaginary baby or rock it or give it to me.

The other day we were playing with her disney dolls and I asked her which was her favorite - she told me Goofy, I told her mine was Minnie and she picked up Minne and said " here mama has Minne" Like I told her I liked her doll and she gave it to me.

She is the best helper and loves to help. She changes the clothes from the washer to the dryer, unloads the dishes and puts soap in the dishwasher, sweeps and mops, cooks, bakes and sets the table, puts clothes in the hamper, rakes the yard, and empties the trashes.

She is always giving us hugs, kisses, and kitty kisses, and loves to cuddle.
She loves to be silly and laugh.

I love my little bear so much and am so proud of her. I love her sweet and happy disposition. She keeps Jeff and I on our toes, and laughing out loud. Happy Birthday my big girl.


Amy said...

What a cutie and she sounds like such a sweet, smart little girl! Happy Birthday to Kaylie!

The Tomlinsons said...

What a cute post! She sounds like such a sweetie. In my mind, my Leah (who is now 6) is still a little two year old.

Julander Family said...

Wow you've got a smart one on your hands. I wish I could say half those things about Dal, and he's 2 and a half! First kids are amazing!