May 31, 2010

I just put Kaylie down for a nap, and then went upstairs to the kitchen. A few minutes later she appears in Jeff's arms- apparently there is going to be no nap today. She sees that I am making brownies and the following conversation takes place.

"I help you mommy"

"I help you mixing"

"Mixing the brownies" ( in a sing song voice as she mixes)

"Mixing the brownies"

"Making the brownies for daddy"

I add - "and Kay kay"

She continues

"And mommy...

And baby sister"

"Lick the mixer, pour it in the bowl"

Jeff and I mostly are responding to this in laughter, and then I say rhetorically “ where did you come from”

"From my bed.

I guess we have made a few batches of brownies around our house. Enough so that my barely two year old know the process step for step and can repeat it to me.

In all seriousness Kaylie; really where did you come from?

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