June 04, 2010

Today, in effort to have a special day with Kay before little sister gets here, I took her to thanksgiving point. While we were there I had a conversation with her in which I told her we were at Noah's ark. And, that if she wanted to come back another day she could just tell me "Noah's ark". I had her repeat this to me a few times so she would learn the name of this place.

A few minutes later she ran over to me, and I asked her " Where are we right now?"

"Arizona" she answered.... without hesitation.

This makes me sad and smile at the same time. She and I would go to a splash park at least once a week for five months out of the year in Phoenix, and I love how her little mind put two and two together to deduce that we must be in Arizona if we are at a splash park.

On a side note.... Does everyone know about this park at Thanksgiving point?

I have been asking around after it since our move back, only to be looked at like I was making up a story. I had this vivid memory of being of a place like this, but had started to think I must have dreamed it up since no one seemed to know what I was talking about. By chance, the wife of Jeff's co-workers mentioned it the other day, and I was elated to find that one, there was a splash park near by to take Kaylie to, and two, I was not crazy.


Heather and Dave said...

We went there last year and loved it! We need to buy a pass and head over a ton to cool off this summer! Hope you're feeling well with just a week to go! Can't wait to meet your new little beauty and see miss Kay transition into a big sis :)

Emily Pressley said...

I love the children's garden at Thanksgiving point. I went so many times last year with my kiddo's that this year I finally bought a season pass. Great place to spend hot summer days :) And How exciting to have baby number 2 almost here!

Cameron Family said...

Love this place! We will all have to go sometime! If only we could go all year round! (Sigh!) Such a cutie! Can;'t wait for your little one to get here!