January 25, 2012

For both of you reading this blog.

Yes, I mean you ...our mothers.

For any of you else who stumbled upon this or, or saw it update on your blog reel, don't get excited...not that you would. I can gurantee that this new blogging thing will only last the few months we are
1. doing something exciting for once, and
2. my household takes approximately 30 minutes to clean, it being 600 sq ft aka I have some spare nap time available.

Here we are on our first excursion to the Zurich zoo. It involved me getting on a tram, transfering trams and a bit of walking, but we found our way there with little difficulty and were quite proud of ourselves, it being our first attempt to use public transportation just us three girls.
Here they girls are on a tram...at this point the ride there is still fun for them. I fear

that when we do go home to the states our children will ABSOLUTELY NOT sit in a car seat anymore. That is with out a full on tantrum.

We got ourselves a little pushcart to stroll the zoo with. The girls were delighted. It felt like to them they were in a Disneyland ride....powered by mom. It also put them up taller then they would be so they loved that. We were really worried that things were going to be so expensive here in Zurich...it being the fifth most expensive city in the world and all. And it is, for sure ( $8 for a pack of tortillas) but they sure do give you a break for kids. The zoo admittance for the kids was free ; as were there tickets on our transportation getting here. This cart was even free to use. Most places we have seen do not charge for children untill they are six. Why aren't there more mormons here...all those kids free of charge?

It was a great little zoo with a tons of big ticket animals, whom all seemed really close . There were even two areas that were completely inside and heated to rainforest like temperatures. A plus on a cold Swiss day. See what I mean by real close. If it is below a certain temperature at 1 in the afternoon, they let the penguins loose to wander free through the zoo. They march together like they are in a parade.

While kaylie was delighted by the fact that she was within handshaking distance of a penguin ( if penguins were formal like that ) Audrey was less so. She refused to enjoy the penguins anywhere but the saftey of her vehicle.

Kaylie told me after only a short time in the park that if I bought her a treat she would let me stay. Quite the degotiater I'd say. I readily agreed thinking a hot griddled crepe filled with nutella would hit the spot....that nutella is going to ruin me here. She insisted on only popcorn. Why is it that my girls favorite part of outings is the treats?They must be my daughters.

My favorite part of our outing...little sister falling asleep on big sister without so much as a whimper from either party.
That and not getting lost on the way home. I know that Kaylie can sense my anxiety about getting around here. I wasn't sure exactly how much untill today when I stuck my head inside of one of the trams for a minute to take a look at the schedule, Kaylie full out screaming hysterical and pulling on my shirttails telling me it was not the number 5, afraid I was getting on.

I am feeling like I am sort of getting the hang of things here. Not really though. I tried to purchase us a bottle of water in between trams transfer and wound up with a bottle of carbonated. That and I still cannot for the life of me figure out how the washer works. Seriously.

We will tackle one thing at a time. Trams today, european appliances some other day perhaps.


Georgia said...

Oh my gosh! How excited and sooo fun for you guys. I can hardly wait to see the blurb book, "Our travels in Switzerland". These pictures are priceless, of course they are, after all, my granddaughters, which I happily share with Deb!! And Amy.... you are quite the writer....I can just see you three girls having quite the time!!! Looks like stocking up on popcorn is the thing to do. Thanks so much for sharing, it just makes my heart sooooo happy. I'll keep checking to see what you guys do next~! Good luck with the appliances :) love you tons

Crystal said...

yeah! I am jealous of your penjguin adventure too. Also nutella is ruining me right now. It must be a twin ESP. or something. Seriously. I am eating nutella on toast for every single meal.

chelsy said...

our washer in london was a washer/dryer combo, and was tiny. it took a while to figure it out, god luck.