January 26, 2012

Daily duo

These are my girls. Boy they are getting so big and grown up. We spend a lot of time together every day... I mean every minute of every day, untill, at the end, they and I both fall exhausted in to our beds.
It is not all fun and games here in Zurich though, you know. For us it is, but not all for Jeff.
See, business as usual. Three a.m. aviators and some red bull... that's how he rolls. ( If he ever looks at this blog her might not like all this blog time attention). He is a very hard worker, and still somehow is a wonderful father to those beautiful girls I already mentioned. And while he works all day, we play. We are loving his new commute.

He is the green arrow. We are about three streets up....muhlebachstrasse; if your eyes are that good. The google map directions say 1 minute....or if you prefer to walk (which we do), 7 minutes. A 7 minute commute, a huge change from the one hour plus trek from SR-92 to Kimball Junction everyday, right? We get to see him in the morning before he leaves. And he always comes home to have dinner too, even if he still has to go back to work, it is 7 minutes walk to come home and say goodnight to the girls. And that my friends is a huge improvement.
And so...why we do miss our friends and family back home, it sure is nice not to miss our husband/dad for once.
Here is Tiny looking for her dad. On nice days, we take some bread down to the lake, you can see it is right across from the office, and feed the swans while we wait for Jeff to come over and say hello.
Yes; I know; Kaylie IS remarkable close to the edge of falling into the lake.
The girls love feeding the birds, seeing thier dad, and if they are lucky he will take them to the train station and buy them lunch.
And besides getting to see dad midday, we are rewarded with this eye candy on our walk home.
The opernhaus zurich. Some daddy daughter time for the girls and some archetectural ooogling for mom.
The view of the lake aint bad either.


Crystal said...

This sounds so much fun! I'm super jealous of your and all your awesomeness.

Jamie said...

Wow! How cool!

Auntie said...

and don't forget those chocolates, look like a wonderful place. Hope you are having a wonderful time