January 27, 2012

Preconcived notions

Is this getting old....three blog post three consecutive days? Take me off your reader if you want; I won't be offended. While I am keeping this up and running recently as a way to stay connected to family and friends back home, my ultimate purpose is so I can morph it into a photo scrapbook and journal ( those blurb book really are quite wonderful) for the girls when we get back home.
So keep reading if you want, but you have been warned.
Before we actually looked at Switzerland recently as we researched it back home, I pictured our new adventure to look something like this....
I am wondering if you are getting the whole picture here...
So while were we are in Zurich and it is much MUCH more milder....it is warmer then salt lake for sure. We had yet to see any snow. And Kaylie, being the unforgetting type, reminded us everyday that we had told her we would build a snowman when we got to Switzerland. So of course, we do whatever we can to please the little girlies, and took them to the tallest peak within an hour or so from us to locate said snowman materials. It involved walking, a tram, a bus, an air gondola, and lastely a train. Quite the ride, which was obviously part of the fun. Of course once we got where we were going it was a blizzard. One a nice day there would have been excellent views and an great day of sledding. Instead there was brief rides on a dad powered sled, hiding out in the cafe, and playing in the snow that had been shoveled off the cafes porch.
We did get that snowman ( in miniature), and some of those views in the end; but the highlight of the mountain was tourist after tourist that stopped us to take a picture of the girls. Probably to document the terrible parents that take thier children up the summit in a blizzard.
Like tons of toursits, like stalking us down. I am going to say it was because they are the cutest girls in the universe. I know I am biased, but come on..
Audrey lasted about ten minutes at a time outside and then would cry "cold, cold"; a new word for her ;and she and I would go warm up in the cafe. Kaylie was a tropper the whole time, freezing, and trying her very best to have that good time she was after.
Misson accomplished I'd say.

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