February 21, 2012

The Gothic Distirct

We headed out to the gothic district first thing our second day in Spain. It is old town...and I mean old....barcelona. It's building dates back to the Roman Empire and it was the most heavily populated area in the world during the medevil times. You can see, it is still quite busy.
Proably even more so because there was some sort of celebration going on. It was fun to be a part of. The children were all marching around in there school classes playing instruments and then every class had a giant costume too
Here is Kaylie watching the parade from dad's shoulders. Me and Tiny went and got up close and she was fascinted by the confetti.
Not every street was crowded. It was a sort of labryinth of streets, but we only got lost a little.
Every street was beautiful. We explored for a bit.
Then we took a break with barcelona's famous churros and hot chocolate as thick as a melted candy bar. Kaylie is blowing her's off
Off to explore some more we found the cities cathedral. It looks a little like the sagrada, but more like a certain familiar salt lake city building to me. You think so?
Inside the cloister of the cathedral were geese and my bird loving babies had to get a peek.
And that is only half a days worth of sightseeing. This was definately a jam packed trip.
More posts to come to finish it off.

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