February 23, 2012

Meditereanen Sea Sisters

Not exactly the best time of year to be dipping our toes in the medittereanen, but we had to do it if only to say that we had. Kaylie's fear of the ocean still exsist depite the lack of waves. We stayed for an hour of so taking pictures, soaking in the sunshine, and eating gelato.
I can't get over these pictures of Kaylie, shes the perfect model all of a sudden.
And Audrey is heartbreakingly adorable as well.
We actually have a picture of all four of us, but it is terrible. Obviously I really want pictures of all four of us, but we had been warned time and time aigan about the pickpoketers so it is not like we are going to hand the camera over to a stranger for a snapshot. I can't imagine someone would target us....hands full with diaper bags, and two bright pink strollers, distracted by two little ones. Ha! it seems we are nothing but the perfect target. No one bothered us of course. Soon after this we headed home back to Zurich. While we waited in the airport the girls played on a few of the playgrounds that were inside. If you ask them, they would say that the airport playground was thier favorite part of Spain. Silly girls.

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Heather and Dave said...

Oh my goodness! Why didn't I think to check your blog any sooner?!?! Thanks for the sweet blog comment! Looks like you guys are having an amazing time exploring and seeing all kinds of neat historic sites! You are so lucky you get to see your hubby and spend so much time with him. Or maybe these are weekend getaways- its a little hard to see from skimming through the posts on my I-phone :) I know everyone in the finance dept have been working like mad men during this audit. I am crossing my fingers things will slow down a bit at work soon and Dave can take a vacation!! For now though we are keeping busy w/ baby Tyler and are in heaven that he's such a good, sweet baby :) When do you guys come home? We can't wait to see you and we need to get our girlies together to play. I love their matching kitty shirts btw ;) Darling!!